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The Local Touch

ITCROSS helps companies use Oracle’s JD Edwards localizations to successfully grow globally in Latin America.

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Enterprises around the world are expanding globally. But to succeed in the multinational arena, it is imperative to have the right project management goals and software strategies to address the complexities of implementing an international enterprise resource planning (ERP) footprint.

Cecilia Suarez, operations director at ITCROSS, discusses how JD Edwards customers can achieve success by adopting realistic project objectives and taking advantage of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World localizations. These are special country-specific software adaptations that make it easy to address the financial, regulatory, and legal requirements for running operations in different countries.


Cecilia Suarez, Operations Director, ITCROSS


Are you finding there’s more demand from customers who want to grow globally by either acquiring companies located in different countries or starting operations in new countries?

We are seeing a significant increase in demand for our services at ITCROSS because so many companies want to expand to different countries in Latin America, which is our specialty.

What are some unique challenges in global implementation projects?

The entire dynamics of a global implementation project are more complicated, and project managers frequently underestimate this reality. Typically, several teams need to interact, and often language barriers and cultural differences can create communication issues. And, of course, global ERP projects involve complex local tax requirements and legal issues.

What are some common mistakes?

The most frequent reason for not achieving on-time and on-budget goals for a project is a lack of proper information when initially planning the project. For example, companies that want to open operations in Brazil often don’t realize that Brazil has extensive localization issues mostly related to taxation. So they may budget only four months for a project when it may really take nine months. This is why finding the right partner is so important. ITCROSS consultants have localization expertise. We know how to approach each country and what to consider to avoid typical localization roadblocks.

The added value we provide is not only as JD Edwards localizations specialists. What actually makes the difference is our extensive knowledge about each country where we implement JD Edwards. Culture matters.

Cecilia Suarez,
Operations Director, ITCROSS

Do you need to hire local consultants in every country where you are implementing JD Edwards?

Definitely not. What you need is a JD Edwards expert with experience in the country where you are rolling out JD Edwards. The best consultants with the best skills are actually the ones who travel around the world and have global experience. They are the ones who can handle differences between a global model and the local branch. I think it is important to understand that a localizations expert is not someone who knows about a few applications. On the contrary, he or she knows the core JD Edwards footprint plus localizations. And, with global experience, he or she also knows different languages and can help the client in many other aspects related to the project. The localizations consultant becomes the “link” between HQ and the branch, which is a key role. These are the skills a client should look for in its team, internal or external, as these abilities will make the difference.

What options are available from Oracle and ITCROSS to address legal, financial, and regulatory requirements in different countries?

Oracle has developed countryspecific integrated software adaptations for many countries. These localizations are included as part of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or JD Edwards World when customers purchase the ERP application. The software adaptations address the financial, regulatory, and other requirements for running a company with operations in different countries. Most localizations are related to general business functionality for financial management. But, there are countries, such as Brazil, where localization is more extensive, so adaptations are also available for distribution and procurement.

ITCROSS has also developed its own complementary countryspecific solutions that address financial, regulatory, and legal requirements in Latin America. These solutions have achieved validation as part of the Oracle Validated Integration program. They’ve undergone rigorous quality tests and technical reviews, so that deployment risks are reduced. Our complementary electronic invoice integration solution for Mexico, for example, is very popular with our clients.

Colombia was a difficult project, and the ITCROSS team did a great job of helping achieve this important milestone at Geospace.

David Witt,
Director of IT, Geospace Technologies

We also worked with a frozenmeat manufacturer in Uruguay that was able to cost-effectively implement its JD Edwards footprint by working with ITCROSS to create unique localizations for Uruguay, including specific logic for covering calculations for meat taxes. All the development work was done remotely using ITCROSS developers. Oracle best practices were applied, and a special system code for Uruguay was created. Since then, FSJ upgraded to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 in 2014 with a similar strategy.

What’s next for ITCROSS?

We always focus on training our team and maintaining the best quality service for our clients. It is also part of our mission to be current with the newest releases and updates for JD Edwards. We have a great Technical and Development team that is working with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools release 9.1.5. We are Quest Partners (International Users Group), and soon we plan to introduce a webinar series about localizations and new features in JD Edwards.


ITCROSS is an Oracle Gold Partner with more than 15 years of experience providing Oracle’s JD Edwards consulting services in Latin America. With its headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and branches in Miami, Florida, and Sáo Paulo, Brazil, ITCROSS experts specialize in helping companies that want to grow globally in Latin America to implement Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne localizations.

This advertorial was originally published in the August 2015 JD Edwards special edition of Profit.

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