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The Intelligent Path to ERP Cloud Goals Transformation and Growth

Synchronizing innovation and growth to lead

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Organizations in every industry are constantly reinventing themselves. Businesses must continually evolve their business models or risk being left behind. Perhaps the most important part of effectively managing change and growth is being ready for it—before it happens. With the right roadmap and an Oracle ERP Cloud solution, the transition can be smoother for all involved, reducing risk and optimizing productivity to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Accenture and Oracle understand that change is a constant, and they are working together to deliver continuously evolving services and solutions that help futureproof organizations by unlocking new growth channels. The pace of business evolution varies, from steady organic growth to rapid, dramatic changes through mergers and acquisitions. In either case, organizations should be prepared to bring different technologies and processes together, without sacrificing business agility.

Integrating Silos on Multiple Levels

Corporate acquisitions offer tremendous potential, but they are also fraught with challenges. It’s not easy to bring together new companies with their own leadership, customer base, and culture—as well as a mix of financial, HR, supply chain systems, and their data and processes.

The Intelligent Path to ERP Cloud implemented by Accenture can play a key role in helping organizations solve their complex data integration issues and reach their desired end state in a way that is faster, more predictable, and less costly. Accenture provides a complete suite of end-to-end services, from up-front strategy and roadmaps to implementation and beyond. In addition to their expertise in Oracle technology, Accenture brings deep industry and process experience to unlock potential and spur innovation, and utilize prebuilt solutions, accelerators and tools to customize the journey to meet each client’s needs.

For example, Accenture recently worked with a major financial services organization to establish a new shared service center powered by Oracle ERP Cloud, augmented with robotic process automation (RPA) technology to support its financial back office processes. By combining an advanced operating model, process design, Oracle ERP Cloud and automation technology, the firm has realized cost savings of approximately 30 percent. The organization is growing rapidly, with multiple acquisitions each year. With its core finance application environment in place, the firm can fully integrate acquired companies’ systems in just one or two months.

Be Ready for Growth

Accenture specializes in large-scale digital transformation. Working in sync with clients and Oracle, Accenture provides advisory services for a seamless experience with reduced risk. Here are three key steps to prepare an organization to migrate to Oracle ERP Cloud.

With the right ERP Cloud foundation, together with proven capabilities and deep industry experience from Accenture, organizations can not only be ready for change, but be ready to grow.”

The first step is to clearly specify the business case and goals with financial benchmarking, understand what the initiative is intended to accomplish, and foster communication and buy-in from leadership.

The second step is to consider the state of the organization’s data and establish a strong future state for data design and a governance process for technology. Cloud applications evolve rapidly, but to take full advantage of new features and capabilities, organizations need uniform data, and an understanding of where it resides—and where it will go. Organizations should also define a governance model for their digital resources and understand how new technologies such as automation and AI will impact their processes.

Finally, the third step is to acknowledge that with new technology comes new organizational considerations. Technologies like autonomous services, RPA, chatbots, and AI are fundamentally shaking up employee roles and responsibilities. Employees can focus on higher-order strategy versus rote tasks, paving the way for innovation and growth.

With the right ERP Cloud foundation, together with proven capabilities and deep industry experience from Accenture, organizations can not only be ready for change, but be ready to grow. To learn more:

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This advertorial was originally published in Profit, Fall 2018.