Oracle OpenWorld

The Future of Oracle OpenWorld

Harnessing future technologies to build more inclusive organizations with greater returns

By Aaron Lazenby

Fall 2019

At this year’s Oracle OpenWorld, in San Francisco September 16 through 19, attendees can choose from more than 2,000 educational sessions to learn a lot about future technologies such as autonomous and augmented reality. They can also learn about building a workforce built to succeed in an increasingly competitive world. This, says Rupal Hollenbeck, senior vice president of corporate marketing at Oracle, requires not only top technology but also diversity. “Data shows that truly inclusive organizations bring greater returns, more innovation, and increased productivity,” says Hollenbeck, who will be speaking with three other women executives at a session called “The F Words: Founder, Female and Future.” “In our session, we will discuss our real-world experiences and our strategies for driving diverse and inclusive communities.” More at

Photography by Oracle