Five Ideas

Five Ideas: The Future of Business

July 2014

Cloud, mobile, social, big data, and the Internet of Things are disrupting every industry, compelling companies to modernize in order to compete effectively. As these mega-trends accelerate and grow in complexity, they are converging. The lines are blurring between mobile and social, big data and cloud computing, and even between tools designed for the enterprise and those used by consumers.


Here, get expert insight into how and why convergence is the future of business. Plus, learn about how Oracle is helping businesses capitalize on today’s big trends, including how Oracle’s recently announced plans to buy MICROS Systems, Inc., a provider of integrated software and hardware solutions to the hospitality and retail industries, extends Oracle’s offerings in industries by combining MICROS’ industry specific applications with Oracle’s business applications, technologies, and cloud portfolio.

“Oracle has successfully helped customers across multiple industries, harness the power of cloud, mobile, social, big data and the internet of things to transform their businesses. We anticipate delivering compelling advantages to companies within the Hospitality and Retail industries with the acquisition of MICROS.” —Oracle President Mark Hurd

“Mobility and social are driving huge changes in the business world…. Likewise, big data and cloud are converging to deliver tremendous scalability and agility, resulting in deep analytical insights that help businesses become increasingly more competitive and efficient.”—Ravi Puri, Senior Vice President, North America Oracle Consulting Services

“Fluid and flexible business models and technology architectures with a high degree of interoperability will differentiate businesses that can realize the full potential of big data, cloud computing and IoT in 2014. Without proper planning, organizations may tend to create computing silos and then worry about integration and convergence—a move that could prove very expensive.” —Ron Batra, Director of Cloud Product Development at AT&T and an Oracle ACE Director

“Modern best practice is flexible, supports growth and innovation, and enables new ways of executing to achieve consistently superior performance. It's enabled by cloud, social, analytics, big data, mobile, and the Internet of Things. It's about leveraging these enablers to do things fundamentally different, sometimes without consciously realizing that we're doing so.” —Jim Lein, Evangelist & Social Media Marketer, Oracle

“At Oracle, the imperative of real-time marketing is pushing our roadmap toward more collaboration and integration. There is an effort toward more congruency across strategic technology areas, for example between our social cloud and our marketing cloud.” —Reggie Bradford, Senior Vice President, Product Development, Oracle

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