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The Cognitive Enterprise—Powered by IBM and Oracle

Creating business value through the combination of data and exponential technologies

By Robert Churchyard, Global Oracle Leader at IBM

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Robert Churchyard, Global Oracle Leader at IBM

Enterprise transformation is entering a new era, and IBM and Oracle are ready to help their customers take advantage. By combining IBM’s industry, process, technology knowledge and Red Hat capabilities with Oracle’s cloud technologies, the two companies are in a prime position to identify customer use cases that leverage the blend of exponential technologies and data to drive competitive advantage. With next-generation technologies and the right data, an organization can become not just a smart enterprise, but a cognitive enterprise.

Q: What is a Cognitive Enterprise?
A: The “outside-in” digital transformation, driven by the increasing focus on the customer experience, is giving way to the “inside-out” potential of data exploited by exponential technologies. As AI, automation, the internet of things (IoT), blockchain, 5G, and the cloud become universal, their collective impact will reshape business models. We call this next-generation business model the Cognitive Enterprise.

Q: How does a company become a Cognitive Enterprise?
A: We’ve identified several building blocks that will enable a company to become a Cognitive Enterprise.

These include

  • “Cognified” and automated operational processes that continuously learn and are self-aware
  • Proprietary and heterogeneous data curated to drive key workflows
  • Next-generation applications, such as Oracle Cloud, that span new and legacy solutions
  • Open, hybrid, secure multicloud Infrastructures

In addition, the enhancement of both customer and employee experiences will spark creativity and engagement—which in turn raises the bar for expectations around personal touch, human interaction, and empathy. These qualities enable companies to stand out.

Q: How are IBM and Oracle working together to provide Cognitive Enterprise solutions for customers?
A: We have launched several Cognitive Enterprise vertical platforms powered by IBM and Oracle Cloud, including platforms for healthcare, retail, insurance, and industrial products. We work with our customers to identify use cases such as enterprise workflows that would benefit from the combination of exponential technologies and data to drive a competitive advantage.

Today, the ‘inside-out’ strategy of the Cognitive Enterprise enables large incumbents to exploit their advantage in data to become the new disruptors.”—Robert Churchyard, Global Oracle Practice Leader, IBM

For example, our human capital management (HCM) cloud platform for healthcare includes a cognitive-driven rostering platform integrated with Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud and powered by Oracle Platform as a Service. This creates the capability for complex work scheduling based on employee availability, pay rate, and skills—resulting in lower labor costs. Similarly, our ERP retail offering includes a cloud property management platform to manage requirements from space allocation through to billing or payment, as well as compliance with IFRS 16 international financial reporting standards.

Q: How do Oracle and IBM help customers take their first steps toward becoming a Cognitive Enterprise?
A: We help clients get started by using the IBM Garage, in which cross-functional teams work with strategic partners and other ecosystem players to cocreate the new business platforms. IBM Garage environments jump-start innovation by putting technology options into the context of customer and employee journeys, critical workflows, pain points, and value potential. The IBM Garage approach incorporates design thinking, agile strategies, and DevOps to allow companies to develop ideas quickly and lower their risk while promoting continuous learning.

Q: How will becoming a Cognitive Enterprise help set your customers apart from their competitors?
A: About 80 percent of the world’s data is locked behind organizations’ firewalls. The “outside-in” digital transformation of years past gave critical advantage to new entrants unburdened by legacy platforms. Today, the “inside-out” strategy of the Cognitive Enterprise enables large incumbents to exploit their advantage in data to become the new disruptors.

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