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The Business Value of Middleware

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g makes a splash in the boardroom.

May 2010

Middleware is not often on the radar of C-level executives, but the strategic benefits provided by Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g are making business leaders pay attention.

Middleware is software that functions as the application infrastructure foundation—the intermediate layer between applications and the database. According to Adam Messinger, vice president of development in the Oracle Fusion Middleware group, Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g not only allows enterprises to create and run agile and intelligent business applications; it also maximizes IT efficiencies, resulting in significant cost savings.

“Efficiency is in the DNA of most businesses. It turns out that for most large data centers, the biggest spend is no longer hardware—it’s labor costs,” says Messinger.

Oracle’s Applications Unlimited customers stand to gain a particular benefit due to the unified SOA infrastructure that simplifies labor-intensive events and service management. Oracle has also integrated tools across the product stack, so technologists can focus on learning a single set. “This drastically improves productivity,” says Messinger. “CIOs spend less on IT labor costs because fewer IT managers and operators are needed.”

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g is also completely integrated with the Applications Unlimited product stack. “All Applications Unlimited products ultimately benefit from improvements to the technical stack,” explains Messinger. “Your applications get the benefits of the latest technology innovations by virtue of middleware and database improvements.”

And because Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g is completely open, it can provide critical interoperability with customized applications as well as applications from third-party vendors. “You can have a multivendor strategy if you want, maintaining interoperability while eventually moving to a modern platform,“ says Messinger.

Customers who have moved to Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g are already reporting significant benefits. Lee Fairclough, vice president of knowledge management at the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, says Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g, an enterprise portal platform that enables users to build and manage online business communities, helps her office align IT strategy with business goals.

Mike Rulf, executive director, product development, for AT&T Hosting and Application Services, has embraced the product as a critical part of the company’s IT infrastructure. “We think of [Oracle Fusion Middleware] 11g as being strategic to how our business operates, in providing the services that we provide to our customers.”

Oracle is using a phased release for Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g. Available components include Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g, the foundation for application grid architecture; Oracle SOA Suite 11g, the framework for application integration and reusable processes; Oracle Identity Management 11g, an end-to-end identity and access management solution; and Oracle WebCenter 11g, the portal and collaboration platform.

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