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Oracle HCM Cloud integrations with LinkedIn make it easier for talent to be found.

By Alison Weiss and Linda Currey Post

Winter 2019

Today’s competitive job market means organizations need to be more efficient and strategic with both internal and external talent management. Here Nagaraj Nadendla, group vice president and general manager of Oracle Cloud recruiting solutions, discusses how new integrations between Oracle HCM Cloud and LinkedIn can help.

Profit: Why is talent management so difficult today?

Nadendla: Jobs that existed a decade ago don’t exist now, and new jobs are based on how our world has changed with technology and social media. The big challenge is where to find talent. Given these new jobs and required skill sets, universities are not necessarily equipped to produce enough talent, so organizations are pursuing a much smaller pool of candidates. Also, I don’t think organizations have done enough to put the same focus on internal talent development. Our conversations with customers validate this.

Profit: How does Oracle’s expanded collaboration with LinkedIn help facilitate the talent acquisition process for Oracle HCM Cloud users?

Nadendla: LinkedIn is widely recognized as the #1 talent marketplace in the world. It has become a magnet where people can get found and has made it easier for organizations to locate candidates externally. But the process of finding talent internally has not evolved much. The integration between Oracle HCM Cloud and LinkedIn eliminates some mundane internal talent development tasks such as updating profiles, and it provides key building blocks to help employees get found internally more easily.

Profit: How do the Oracle HCM Cloud/LinkedIn integrations take advantage of AI and machine learning to improve the recruitment experience?

Nadendla: For a hiring manager using Oracle HCM Cloud to look for new talent, machine learning can now recommend candidates who have directly engaged with the organization externally or internally and can recommend suggested matches from LinkedIn. It’s really powerful, because it’s all within a single experience.

A second innovation helps job candidates, as one of the easiest ways to be found by an organization is by employee referral. Oracle HCM Cloud already enables candidates to import elements of their LinkedIn profiles into the application process, but now LinkedIn can also automatically alert job candidates who are applying to an organization that there are people in their LinkedIn network who could help them with a referral to that particular organization. If the candidate agrees, the network contacts will be notified and the referral process will kick off seamlessly.

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Linda Currey Post
Linda Currey Post is a senior writer at Oracle.