Wednesday Feb 06, 2013

NEW - Profit Briefing: What We're Thinking About

This week, we're starting a new regular feature called Profit Briefing. It's basically a collection of links to new Profit content and news in the business/tech world that we find interesting. A bit of a snapshot into the the regular reading habits of the Profit editorial staff.

So, without further ado:

Proposed Acquisition: Oracle Buys Acme Packet
The combination of Oracle and Acme Packet is expected to accelerate the migration to all-IP networks by enabling secure and reliable communications from any device, across any network. Oracle

Oracle Voice: 10 Reasons Why CEOs Don't Understand Their Customers
Oracle Senior Vice President Bob Evans reveals the results of a customer experience study commissioned by Oracle -- and the dangerous implications of its results Forbes.

Trends for 2013: Trends in Employee Training: Online Global Learning Management
"A learning management system is only as good as the learning design, technology, and methodology for delivery that governs it," says Denise Pirrotti Hummel, CEO of Universal Consensus, a cross-cultural management consulting and training firm. Profit Online

Study: Two-thirds of American adults who are online use Facebook.
This, according to a Pew Research study. However, 61 percent of these users say "they have voluntarily taken a break from using Facebook for a period of several weeks or more." Learn the reasons so many say they need a break. Pew Internet

Debate: Is the Internet Making Us More Generous?
Columbia University's first Chief Digital Officer Sree Srennivasan argues that "the Internet has made the world more generous, while also changing our traditional understanding of generosity itself." What do you think? Read his essay and join the discussion. Big Questions Online

The February issue of Profit in now available!

Just after Oracle acquired cloud-based talent management company Taleo in early 2012, the company's former vice president of research, David Wilkins shared some statistics with me about the challenging environment managers face competing for workers in the global marketplace: the US faces a deficit of 3 million workers with post-secondary degrees, China a shortfall of 70,000 executives capable of leading global expansion, and 70 percent of German companies report challenges finding the "right people."

But managers are certainly not helpless in the face of headwind in the global talent market. With the right talent management strategies, corporate culture, IT tools, and (of course) people, many organizations can be inoculated against the skills malaise. But it will require long-term vision and early action.

This issue of Profit looks at some of the forces at work in the market and some of the smart, creative efforts Oracle customers are making to address talent issues in their organizations. I hope the stories prove useful as we face the coming skills gap together.

Some highlights from the February 2013 issue of Profit:

Mind the Gap
Getting greater value from millennial and baby boomer employees

Breakthrough Talent
Enterprise systems help employers cope with the global skills shortage.

Chain Reaction
Built on sound IT and standard processes, LinkedIn?s finance department goes from startup to IPO—and beyond.

Giving Up Control
How empowered customers and employees make your business stronger.

Going for the Gold
NBC Sports Group CMO John Miller says social engagement can return unprecedented marketing results.

Innovation at Work
How smart IT solutions are inspiring fresh ideas among the workforce.

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Friday Sep 21, 2012

New Content: Customer Engagement & Oracle OpenWorld Preview

Two new bits of content available on Profit Online:

In A Cross-Channel Approach to Consumer Engagement, Cassandra Moren, senior director of consumer goods industry marketing at Oracle, shares her thoughts on how consumer goods manufacturers are reaping benefits from developing a direct relationship with customers:

"Consumer goods manufacturers are starting to adapt in ways that mirror retailers. They are making investments in innovative technologies and processes to build the infrastructure to support the market demand. With advances in aspects like social networking, digital marketing and mobility fundamentally changing the way consumers behave, the door has opened to building a more direct relationship with their customers."

We've also published a Special Report on Oracle OpenWorld that gives a great overview of recommendations for must-see sessions and insider advice from experienced attendees. For example, this top from John Matelski, newly elected president of the Independent Oracle Users Group:

“Based on developments of the last 12 months, I think big data is definitely going to be hot. The challenges and opportunities of data governance will be another biggie. And there will obviously be a big emphasis on Oracle Exadata and the other Oracle Engineered Systems, with more than 100 sessions.”

More updates to come as we continue to add content to Profit Online on a regular basis. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday Sep 19, 2012

Editor's Notebook: Of Slobber Pots and Flux Capacitors

Just wrapping up the contents of the November 2012 issue of Profit...

I found this snippet of an interview I did with Team Oracle mechanics Clyde Greene and Chad Colberg when I was in Gary, IN this summer working on a photo shoot about Team Oracle for the current issue. We were standing around in a hangar as the Team prepared for the Chicago Air and Water Show, chatting about the engineering and design of the Oracle Challenger III aerobatic plane.

Pick up a copy of Profit's November 2012 and read what Team Oracle pilot Sean D. Tucker has to say about the Oracle Challenger III and get a closer look at the plane. I'll drop a link into this blog entry as soon as the story is available.

Your editor, greasy and stooped after a red eye flight, talks with Sean D. Tucker about stunt flying.

Tuesday Apr 24, 2012

Just released: Profit May 2012

The May 2012 issue of Profit is now available online.

In this issue, we focused on how the ever-changing dynamics of the marketplace put new demands on IT and business managers—requiring they stay nimble and creative to keep pace. So even after a successful project launches, the best leaders are looking to the horizon to identify new challenges and opportunities.

And they expect that the IT systems that support them will reflect their needs. Business processes enshrined in core enterprise resource functionality must match the expectations of customers and partners. IT access points must address the needs of actual users.

Continuous improvement must be a philosophy shared across the organization. And any long-term IT strategy must have flexibility and scalability in its very DNA.

Fix IT When It Ain’t Broke
The benefits of business and IT collaboration on upgrade decisions

Charting a New Course
Korean Air gains altitude by helping employees leverage the company’s greatest asset: information.

Outside the Box
Acorn Paper completes a seamless upgrade over a holiday weekend.

Moving On Up
Why your next upgrade may present the best opportunity to move to the cloud.

A Global Roadmap
A strong corporate culture provides direction for Toyota’s Pierre Masai.

What Customers Want
Research from the Oracle RightNow team reveals what it takes to keep customers happy in 2012.

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Monday Apr 23, 2012

Profit: Nominated for Awards!

Every year, the Western Publishing Association holds the Maggie Awards to recognize "excellence among publishing & media professionals." This year, Profit picked up five nominations in the following categories:

Best Cover (Circ over 50,000)/Trade
Profit August

Best Interview or Profile/Trade
Core Competencies Profit August

Best Single Editorial Illustration/Trade
Profit November (image to come)

Best Single Editorial Photograph/Trade
Captains of Industry Profit February (adding photos to the web site)

Quarterlies (Circ over 50,000)/Trade
Profit May

I'm sorry the nominated images are missing...these nominations are for previous design of the magazine and we didn't load those files to the website. But we'll get them up there shortly. Thanks to the WPA judges for recognizing the hard work of the Profit editorial and art staff. Wish us luck at the awards on Friday!


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