Case Studies

Sustained Excellence

Schneider Electric embraces Oracle’s Hyperion solutions—management excellence techniques to help the world use energy more efficiently.

By Anne Ozzimo

August 2008

Helping people make the most of their energy usage is the goal at Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management. Headquartered in Paris, Schneider Electric provides customers in 190 countries with integrated energy management and infrastructure solutions that help them reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions and increase energy efficiencies.

Schneider Electric has more than doubled revenues over the past five years to reach US$27 billion in 2007, thanks to strong demand from emerging markets and targeted acquisitions in hot growth areas such as data center and network energy management. It’s the job of Group Performance Director Jacques Ndongue to provide Schneider Electric’s executive management with the right information to act on market opportunities and sustain the company’s profitable growth. Ndongue and his 20-member team rely on Oracle’s Hyperion financial management applications to get the right financial and nonfinancial metrics into the hands of management quickly.

“Our customers are seeing a huge surge in their energy bills. They are concerned with consuming less energy, improving energy efficiency, and protecting their environmental footprint,” explains Ndongue. “Customers want to know how we are addressing their concerns. The financial markets want information on our performance in delivering solutions in these areas. My job is to provide management with information and performance metrics that demonstrate the progress Schneider Electric is making in all these areas. We use Hyperion Financial Management as our executive information system of choice to monitor group KPIs [key performance indicators], assess the progress of acquisitions, and report on our performance metrics and sustainability initiatives.”

Schneider Electric
US$27 billion in 2007

120,000 in 102 countries

Oracle products:
Hyperion Financial Management, Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Interactive Reporting, and Hyperion Workforce Planning; PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

In addition to Hyperion applications, Ndongue has embraced the concept of management excellence as a way to ensure that the information he provides Schneider Electric’s executive team is accurate and consistent with business trends observed operationally. Accurate and consistent information can enable his executive team to make the decisions needed to capitalize on current market conditions, foster energy innovations, and differentiate the company with customers, suppliers, and competitors. “Schneider Electric has established a reputation as a world leader in operational excellence,” notes Ndongue. “Management excellence is going to take us to the next level of success in the highly competitive global energy industry, with a new business model focused on delivering integrated energy management solutions to customers in the most-promising growth markets.”

Schneider Electric’s focus on management excellence is part of its larger New² Company Program, launched in 2005 to focus the company on growth, efficiency, and people. Central to that initiative have been efforts to rebalance the company’s portfolio to focus on higher-growth markets, from meeting the massive electrical needs of emerging markets to delivering power reliability and cooling solutions to critical applications worldwide. The company also took steps to establish the right performance management infrastructure to support that strategic shift, standardizing on a variety of Hyperion solutions, including Hyperion Financial Management, Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Interactive Reporting, and Hyperion Workforce Planning.

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