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Steltix Uses Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to Implement Innovative Warehousing Solution

In just six weeks, Van Hessen stands up a complete warehousing solution that is fast, inexpensive, and easy to use

By Wouter van Beek, Chief Information Officer at Van Hessen

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Van Hessen is a global leader in the harvesting, processing, and distribution of natural casings, meat products, and pharmaceutical products. Our company operates in slaughterhouses in 18 countries to secure a constant flow of raw material, ensuring that all operations—including production, cleaning, selection, and distribution—comply with or exceed regulations and internal quality standards.

Wouter van Beek, Chief Information Officer at Van Hessen

Wouter van Beek, Chief Information Officer at Van Hessen

Van Hessen began working with Oracle’s JD Edwards suite of applications in 2002 and more recently began working with Steltix, a leading provider of JD Edwards software, services, and support. Steltix is an Oracle Platinum Partner specializing in the JD Edwards suite of applications and works closely with Oracle to develop products that add value to customers’ investments in JD Edwards solutions.

Q: Why was it so important for Van Hessen to implement a complete warehousing solution?
A: We have operations around the world, including those in Brazil, China, the United States, and the Netherlands, so it’s essential for us to have a global picture of what we have in stock in order to make smart decisions. When we merged with another company in Brazil, it became clear that with the extra product going through, we needed to not only increase our storage space but also improve our picking to support our new direct storage initiative. We decided to implement scanning, which is essential in direct storage, so we began to investigate solutions that would support scanning in all of our warehousing operations.

Q: How did JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and the Steltix Appshare platform meet your needs?
A: We were specifically seeking a way to use scanning to reduce errors and decrease picking and putaway time. We looked at the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solutions because we were already working with JD Edwards applications in our business. With the help of our partner, Steltix, a leading European provider of IT-based solutions, we leveraged the Application Interface Services (AIS) server that is part of the technical foundation of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP system. With the AIS server, we were able to create simple JavaScript front ends that talk to native JD Edwards back-end programs using the application programming interface (API) channel. With the front-end devices installed on our trucks and the implementation of a customized cask labeling system, we were able to bring on exactly the functionality we were looking for, and we were able to do it quickly and at a reasonable cost.

In short, we brought a complete warehousing solution to life in just six weeks, based on the functional JD Edwards Advanced Warehousing module. And we did it without any other third-party warehouse scanning middleware.

Q: Why did you choose Steltix to develop and implement your new warehousing solution?
A: When we did an upgrade in the Netherlands about five years ago, there was a great fit between our people and the people of Steltix right from the start. We are very demanding in our standards and the way we like to work, and Steltix adapted immediately to that. It felt like we were one company working together to achieve a goal, instead of a more traditional consulting relationship where they just advise you on what you should be doing. We worked together to overcome challenges and moved very quickly through the implementation process.

We brought a complete warehousing solution to life in just six weeks, based on the functional JD Edwards Advanced Warehousing module.” —Wouter van Beek, Director of Operations, Van Hessen

After that first upgrade, we moved on to perform upgrades with Steltix in several other locations around the world that didn’t have JD Edwards solutions. Now we’re moving those companies to JD Edwards with the help of Steltix, including a recent project in Brazil where we worked together to make sure the solution complied with some complicated regulations.

We turned to Steltix for our warehousing solution because they specialize in using the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne AIS server to allow developers to interact with JD Edwards and easily integrate mobile and web applications. Using AIS with orchestrations, they can customize the user experience and make it easy to build applications that interact with JD Edwards software.

Q: How does your new warehousing solution work on a day-to-day basis?
A: Every day we have trucks arriving at our warehouses carrying hundreds of barrels of material. We need to make sure that all cask movements—such as putaways, order picking, and transfers—are tracked to make sure every cask is moved to the correct location in the warehouse. In our old system, each cask was moved as an individual item and tracked manually. With Steltix, we devised a solution that uses the JD Edwards software to scan and create “license plates” for a pallet of casks instead of just a single cask. The solution also makes putaway suggestions for staging locations. When goods are scanned, the locations are sent to the trucks, and the trucks drive to the location automatically, which speeds operations.

The Steltix Appshare platform uses JavaScript to turn off-the-shelf Android scanners into JD Edwards–specific warehouse scanners, so the staff in our warehouses can work more quickly. As a result, we’ve seen a tremendous improvement in picking time, from seven minutes down to two minutes.

Q: Tell us about the power of the JD Edwards solution coupled with the Steltix Appshare platform.
A: The AIS server enables us to use any kind of application, and it doesn’t take much time to learn. Without this capability, we would have to buy specialized scanners and all of their software to run on an extra server, which is expensive and takes a lot of time. But with the Steltix Appshare solution, we can use a generic scanner and an easyto- use application with no middleware and no need for extensive testing—so it’s much less expense. The system is easy to manage, and if one scanner goes down, we can simply buy another one of any compatible type, and we know it’s going to work.

Q: What are some of the other benefits you’ve seen with this new warehousing solution?
A: The implementation was simple and quick—we had our scenarios ready, and when we gave the system to the people on the floor, it just worked. Within hours or days, any challenge is solved. I have never had any implementation go so smoothly. One of the big advantages of working with JD Edwards applications is that that part of the process is standard, tested Oracle technology. The ability of JD Edwards has already been proven many times over, and it works. And Steltix understood very well what we wanted.

In real numbers, we’ve greatly reduced our putaway time, and we now have the same number of people doing about one-third more work than before we implemented this solution. Before, first putaways were incorrect probably 20 percent of the time, but now we have 99 percent accuracy.

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