Cloud Computing

Startup India

How the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator became a launchpad for Indian entrepreneurs.

By Alison Weiss

Fall 2017

The Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program has helped launch startups in India’s vibrant startup ecosystem in Bangalore and now in Mumbai and New Delhi—as well as in other international locations. Here Sanket Atal, group vice president of product development for Oracle India, highlights what makes the program such a success.

Profit: What sets this program apart from traditional incubator programs?

Atal: Most are run by marketing or sales organizations, but we run ours out of R&D. Oracle is a very tech-oriented company, an engineer’s paradise. That’s the kind of environment we want to provide to startup companies. We don’t take any equity, but we do provide coworking space and a set of mentors who understand each startup intimately and their scalability issues.

Profit: What are some of the most valuable insights participating startups receive?

Atal: It’s a big revelation for them to learn about the quality cloud services that Oracle provides. Many associate Oracle products only with large enterprises, but the cloud has really equalized things. Once startups start using Oracle products in the cloud and start experimenting, they are blown away. In addition, association with the Oracle brand helps tremendously. It opens doors for them.

Profit: Is interest in the program continuing to grow?

Atal: The response has been tremendous—way beyond what we thought we would get. Looking at it globally, the number of applications has gotten absolutely overwhelming. It underscores the fact that the word is spreading rapidly and that people are very eager to join the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program.

Photographs by Namas Bhojani