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Spending Time

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Currency-based economies are subject to the winds of economic change, but the currency of time is constant. So, if you have some spare hours and a skill (but not necessarily the funds), Time/Bank offers a coin- and bill-free alternative that can help you sustain yourself on the road.

By joining Time/Bank you offer your skill set as an alternative form of currency. So if you find yourself in Warsaw, Poland, without a translator and you’re hosting an haute cuisine dinner party for 20, your membership at the local time bank can hook you up with a fellow multilingual Time/Bank member who can translate while you shop. In turn, you could host that person at your dinner party.

Time can be banked and put to use at a later date. Alternatively, you can gift hours to a friend or contribute them to the Time/Bank slush fund to be put toward larger communal projects.

Skills on offer at Time/Bank range from the more artisanal, including cheese-making, to the more mainstream and practical, such as video editing. The goal of Time/Bank is to develop a wide network of local branches throughout the world. To date there are branches in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Russia, and the United States. Learn more at

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