Special Report

Special Report: Your Growing Business

October 2017

What are the common obstacles small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) need to navigate in order to stay on the right path? One is using technology that hinders their growth. To overcome this obstacle, they need to choose the right technology.

These days of cloud-based everything can help put SMBs on an even playing field with large ones, and they should take advantage of cloud and as-a-service offerings as much as possible. “There are greater capabilities and lower cost, and that’s where all the R&D is happening,” says Reggie Bradford, senior vice president of Oracle’s Startup Ecosystem and Accelerator Group. “You’re going to get the best upgrades and the best path to the future.”

Here, get more advice from Bradford and other experts about how to use technology to scale, keep connected to your customers, prosper in an on-demand economy, and more.

Tools for Growth
SMBs and startups positioning themselves for an IPO or acquisition need finance and accounting solutions that work together seamlessly.

Stumbling Blocks
The four biggest challenges SMBs face.

Is Big Data Helping Your Small Business Grow?
“Within any SMB, many people wear multiple hats. Empower them to view the same data from multiple locations and make data-driven decisions together,” says Oracle Insight’s Michael Abramow.

Seven Best Practices in Strategic Procurement for SMBs
“Higher cost savings, access to market innovations, and the ability to reach strategic business objectives make the investment in strategic procurement worthwhile,” says Oracle Insight’s Farshad Bahmed.

Passion. Discipline. Freedom
How digital innovation is raising the stature of SMBs as the primary engines of business growth and innovation.

Future Investments
India’s commitment to cloud, startups, and smart cities is on the agenda at Oracle OpenWorld in New Delhi.

Startup India
How the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator became a launchpad for Indian entrepreneurs.

Personal Advantage
Five strategies on how SMBs can stay close to their customers and scale simultaneously.

On-Demand World
How SMBs can prosper in the new economy.

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