Cloud Computing

Special Report: Your Autonomous Future

October 2018

Autonomous technology is a major focus of this month’s Oracle OpenWorld, October 22–25 in San Francisco, California. Earlier in 2018, Oracle ushered in a new class of IT offerings with Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud and expanded autonomous capabilities across its cloud platform with new, groundbreaking PaaS services. Autonomous capabilities are the future of not only Oracle’s technology, but of IT in general. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd predicted that more than 50% of enterprise data will be managed autonomously by 2020. “It’s rare to find a system that is faster, less expensive, and more secure, but autonomous technology promises to deliver all three,” said Hurd. “The benefits are too compelling to ignore.”

And IT isn’t the only sector being revolutionized by autonomous capabilities. Here, learn more about the benefits of autonomous technology and how it’s transforming companies in multiple industries, and find out how your company can get ahead of the curve.

How a Big Business Can Use an Autonomous Database to Move Like a Startup
Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud provides agility for businesses that aren’t startups, giving them the scale, security, and predictability they’re used to, but without the DBA getting involved.

7 Fast-Growing Businesses Achieve Success with Oracle Cloud
Learn how customers including AFG, City of San Jose, StitchFix, Turning Point, University of Western Australia, and Western Digital have found success with Oracle Autonomous Cloud Platform.

Larry Ellison: Oracle Will Ride Two Strategic Products into Cloud Leadership
What are those two strategic products? Cloud-based ERP and Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud.

A Veteran DBA’s Insights on Oracle’s New Autonomous Data Warehouse
Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse delivers on its broad promise of automating much of the manual work that has long gone into creating and running a data warehouse.

IKEA Designs Future Autonomous Cars That Work as Hotels, Stores, and Meeting Rooms
The furniture store’s design agency has dreamed up seven ways we might use autonomous vehicles if we don’t actually have to focus on driving.

The Best Medicine
Faster results. Peace of mind. Quality Metrics Partners and autonomous technologies are transforming healthcare.

Better Analytics: Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud
The biggest challenge in data management today is the manual labor necessary to create, provision, and maintain a database environment and deliver it to the end user.

Autonomous in Action
Choose self-managing, self-repairing, and self-securing Oracle Cloud Platform autonomous services to focus on innovation—not on administration.

Next Step for Artificial Intelligence: The Autonomous Enterprise
The current wave of transformational technologies will lead to what Chuck Hollis has started to call the autonomous enterprise: an organization where many decisions are made with the help of machine learning.

How Technology Will Influence the Farms of the Future and Change the Way Crops Are Produced
A number of digital technologies—from autonomous robots that pick fruit to subterranean farms—are helping transform the agriculture industry.

Larry Ellison: Oracle’s Self-Driving Database Can “Now Handle All Your Workloads”
Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison explained the advantages of Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud by comparing the use of this new technology to learning how to drive a self-driving car.

Top 5 Industry Early Adopters of Autonomous Systems
Which industries are ahead of the autonomous curve? These five industries stand out.