Special Report

Special Report: Today’s CIO

January 2018

Leading CIOs in every industry around the world are experimenting with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), chatbots, blockchain, and natural-language processing (NLP). Gartner’s 2017 CIO Agenda Report established that one of the differentiating practices of a high-performing business is focusing investments on moving the technology core forward and testing emerging technologies.

Sound intimidating? “If you’re transparent about what’s happening and create a safe atmosphere for experimentation, over time people will feel comfortable adopting these new technologies,” says Motorola Corporate Vice President and CIO Greg Meyers.

Here, get more expert advice about how CIOs survive—and succeed—through digital transformation.

Evolving the Enterprise
Award-winning CIOs discuss how emerging technologies require a change in focus, strategy, culture, and infrastructure.

Top 10 Strategic CIO Priorities Of 2018
No CIO can ignore the considerable business opportunities that advances like blockchain, machine learning, or the Internet of Things present in the coming year.

Stellar Performance
The CIO of the Year awards, part of the Oracle Excellence Awards, are given annually to CIOs who have displayed unequalled performance and vision in using Oracle technology to improve the organization, the customer and partner experience, and the bottom line. Meet the 2017 winners.

Insights Screaming to Get Out: Tales from Digital Transformation
Oracle talks to five CIOs who are on multiyear journeys revamping their companies’ systems for the cloud.

Meet the Modern CIO: Partner, Not Pedagogue
Here are five strategic imperatives, according to Margaret Miller, whose 30-year career in IT includes leadership roles in the private and public sectors, most recently as CIO of New York State.

Wearing Two Hats: When CFOs Are CIOs
Choose reliable partners, and learn four more rules you need to know to be successful in both jobs.

Video: City of San Jose Enables Smart City App with Oracle Cloud
“We’re looking to make San Jose the most innovative city in the world,” says CIO Rob Lloyd. Now, with the My San Jose application, powered by Oracle Cloud, citizens are now better connected with their government.

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