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Special Report: Security

January 2018

Enterprises face a predicament: Cybersecurity threats are rising and getting costlier, but managers lack confidence in their investments and are concerned about whether they have enough staff and resources to mitigate new threats.

In fact, 74% of today’s managers feel that existing tools are not sufficient for a hybrid cloud environment. On top of that, by 2019 there will be at least 2 million unfilled security jobs worldwide.

Learn more about the state of cybersecurity in the latest issue of Profit, including smart advice from experts about what it will take to secure the future.

12 Steps to a Safer Online Experience
You can’t protect yourself against every cybersecurity threat, but knowledge is power.

Automatic. Secure. Integrated.
Three ways Oracle Database 18c can improve data security

Cybersecurity’s New Normal
A new approach to cybersecurity that creates a protective foundation for the future

For Better Information Security, Rely Less on Humans
Here are three recommendations to help create architectures that are less susceptible to human fallibility.

Oracle Expand Security Portfolio with New Capabilities and Partner Program Designed to Help Organizations Detect and Protect Against Threats
New identity governance, A.I.-based configuration management, and consumer identity management features are designed to help organizations protect their clouds and digital services.

Machine Versus Machine: The New Battle for Enterprise Cybersecurity
At Oracle OpenWorld, Larry Ellison told attendees that autonomous security technologies are crucial in fighting the cyberwar.

The Benefits of IoT and Blockchain for the Supply Chain
Two important new technologies are combining to increase efficiency, reliability, and speed for manufacturers, suppliers, and logistics service providers.

Who’s Watching?
Police are increasingly turning to technology to fight crime. Is there enough oversight?

Marseille Turns to Data to Plan a Safer City
The city is working on a big data initiative to bring together city government data, as well as data from social media and other third-party sources.

You Can Have Your Security Cake and Eat It, Too
Make security effective, automatic, and nonintrusive, and you won’t end up out of a job.

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