Cloud Computing

Special Report: Next-Generation Cloud

June 2018

In June, Oracle announced its next-generation Oracle Cloud Platform services featuring built-in autonomous capabilities, including Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise, Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud, and Oracle API Platform Cloud Service. With embedded AI and machine learning, these services automate operational tasks to enable organizations to lower cost, reduce risk, accelerate innovation, and get predictive insights.

Last year, Oracle outlined its vision for an autonomous enterprise, unveiling the world’s first autonomous database. Since then, the company announced it would extend autonomous capabilities to its entire cloud platform portfolio.

Delivering on that promise, Oracle recently made available a number of autonomous platform services, including Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Integration Cloud, and Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service. With this month’s availability of another set of autonomous platform services, Oracle continues to build momentum.

Here, learn more about Oracle’s next-generation Oracle Cloud Platform services. Plus, find out more about Oracle’s newest cloud offerings, and get highlights from Profit’s spring issue about companies that are using the cloud to disrupt industries and meet rising customer expectations.

Lighting the Path
Bajaj Electricals illuminates the customer experience with mobile, cloud, and chatbot technology.

New Oracle Autonomous Cloud Services Ease Mobile Development, Data Integration
AI-based PaaS services cut costs and speed development of chatbots, data integration, and API management.

CFOs: Consider These 3 Key Issues When Selecting Cloud Vendors
CFOs must understand the complexity, cost, and risk of cloud system integration when considering vendors.

Data-Driven Music
Sound United finds the missing piece in its strategy: rich customer data from Oracle.

Larry Ellison: Oracle Makes Moving to the Cloud Faster, Easier, Cheaper
Oracle announced on June 5 a new offering that reduces by as much as 30% the time and cost of migrating from its on-premises applications to its cloud applications.

Transformation Ahead
Cloud business strategies and innovative supply chain solutions were highlighted at Oracle’s Modern Supply Chain Experience 2018.

How to Train Your Chatbot
Automated chat is more prevalent every day; here’s how to manage it.

What’s Next in Autonomous Cloud Services? Analytics, Integration, and Development.
Powered by machine learning, new services perform tasks such as patching and optimizing without human intervention, lowering operating costs and freeing IT teams, DevOps engineers, cloud architects, and even citizen developers to focus on more-creative work.

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