Special Report

Special Report: Most Popular Stories of 2018

December 2018

Tomorrow’s technologies continue to be foremost in the minds of today’s Profit readers, as our demonstrated by our list of most popular stories this year.

And IT isn’t the only sector being revolutionized by autonomous capabilities. Here, learn more about the benefits of autonomous technology and how it’s transforming companies in multiple industries, and find out how your company can get ahead of the curve.

“Our list of most-read articles proves that Profit readers are deepening their understanding of how technologies such as AI, blockchain, and the Internet of Things can help their companies stay competitive,” says Profit editor in chief Aaron Lazenby. “Profit’s team of writers and experts is committed to staying ahead of the trends and providing insights on these exciting, still-new technologies.”

Here, discover the most popular articles and learn more about how emerging technologies continue to disrupt industries and change the way the world is doing business.

Why Should You Replace Customer Segmentation with Machine Learning?
To personalize the customer experience, machine learning algorithms are far more effective than segmenting customers.

Special Report: Blockchain
Discover how blockchain is reducing risk and costs associated with common business processes, and learn how your business can use blockchain to drive innovation and accelerate profits.

How to Train Your Chatbot
Automated chat is more prevalent every day; here’s how to manage it.

Lighting the Path
Bajaj Electricals illuminates the customer experience with mobile, cloud, and chatbot technology.

How Machine Learning Can Improve Recruiting
With the right strategy, computers can find correlations that humans overlook, leading to better candidates.

Evolving the Enterprise
Award-winning CIOs discuss how emerging technologies require a change in focus, strategy, culture, and infrastructure.

Four Steps for Using AI and Machine Learning for Succession Planning
Modern human capital management (HCM) tools can help organizations identify, develop, and retain future leaders.

Automatic. Secure. Integrated.
How automation frees up database teams to focus on security

Special Report: Emerging Technologies
Find the latest trends around these disruptive new technologies, and learn how your organization can harness their powerful capabilities to grow your business, gain a competitive edge, and achieve real business value.

Cybersecurity’s New Normal
A new approach to security threats creates a protective foundation for the future.

Open Road
Mack Trucks’ digital marketing campaign for its Anthem highway tractor is as bold and efficient as the new big rig.

How Robots and AI Can Improve Shared Services Centers
Five strategies can help organizations adopt robotic process automation and artificial intelligence with successful results.

Cloud Productivity Payoff
Key benefits of a unified approach to finance modernization

People Data Central
Health benefits company Anthem builds analytics portal and team to improve talent decisions.

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