Special Report

Special Report: Human Capital Management

February 2019

At Modern Business Experience, business leaders can learn from experts about timely issues around talent management, including how to leverage human capital management (HCM) to improve employee engagement and retain the workers that bring the most value. They can also test out technology, such as AI and cloud, that can lead to the success of their workers—and their company.

Here, learn more about what to expect from the conference, taking place in Las Vegas March 19–21, 2019. Plus, get a jumpstart with smart advice from human resource experts in the new issue of Profit magazine about using technology to manage talent from recruitment to retirement.

How Can AI in HCM Help You Work Smarter?
Artificial intelligence in HCM systems can help with routine as well as nonroutine tasks.

The Secret to Employee Retention
Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) President Douglas Manning shares organizational practices that can motivate and retain employees in the tech industry.

Safety First . . . and Fast
Oracle Human Cloud Management Cloud (Oracle HCM Cloud) helps transform Memphis public safety services.

Searching High and Low
How to recruit top talent when the pool is small

The Hybrid Workforce
How distant is your ERP system from the reality of modern business?

Technology’s Human Touch
How advances in AI and machine learning can humanize our work lives

Deliberate Innovation
Emerging technologies can transform HR—if you have a plan.

Learning to Fly
Oracle Soar speeds the cloud journey for existing HR systems.

Talent Hunt
Oracle HCM Cloud integrations with LinkedIn make it easier for talent to be found.