Special Report: Disrupting Higher Education

March 2019

Traditionally known as a slow-moving field, higher education is going through a major transformation. Technological innovation, globalization, and economic volatility are just a few of the trends that have upended an industry steeped in custom and habit.

To survive the disruption, colleges and universities must embrace innovation. New technologies such as AI, blockchain, and chatbots are changing everything from student recruiting to teaching to diploma distribution. In a report from last year, nearly all of the students surveyed said the tools that helped them with administrative tasks, such as degree or course planning, were useful. And a 2017 survey reported that more than half of college students prefer classes that use digital learning technology tools.

Here, technologists and experts in higher education explore how academia is changing and how colleges and universities can use these new tools to better serve students.

How Emerging Technologies Are Transforming Higher Education
Blockchain, AI, and chatbots are disrupting a traditionally slow-moving industry—for the better.

Modern Tools Help Schools Retain At-Risk Students
Administrators are finding new ways to identify students who need extra help.

Bridging the Gap
Oracle pioneers innovative educational and technological programs around the world to help deserving communities thrive.

Charting Career Paths Trumps Focusing on Skills in Computer Science
In our attempts to encourage more students in the US to pursue computer science, we may be focusing too much on skills and not enough on the opportunities and stimulating work environments such skills make possible.

New Mexico College Deploys Blockchain for Digital Diplomas
Every new graduate from Central New Mexico Community College leaves school with a beautiful paper diploma covered in fine calligraphy, colorful seals, and official signatures. This summer, every new graduate also left with the same information authenticated and recorded in blockchain.

Cloud Computing: A Powerful Research Tool
People typically associate Oracle with solutions for business, and rightly so, but we have a long history of working with public sector institutions around the world, including government, education, and research.

AI in Academia: Much Potential, Much Resistance
There’s much debate in higher education circles over the appropriate role of artificial intelligence in academia.

5 Ways Blockchain Is Revolutionizing Higher Education
Blockchain is the next technological chapter in a long trend of decentralization in the higher education sector.

Can Virtual Reality Open STEM Education and Jobs to More People?
Traditional methods of teaching STEM can be a deterrent to some students.

Edtech Startup to Release Blockchain-Based “Lifelong Learning Ledger”
Brandman University is taking a new approach to adult education, focusing on students’ competencies so that they can apply their work experiences to speed their path to graduation.