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Special Report: Customer Experience

April 2018

40% of retailers expect to employ AI in their customer experience (CX) design by the end of next year, according to IDC. And customers are ready for the change. Pew Research recently reported that 65% of Americans expect most retail interactions to be fully automated within 20 years, and the same amount see robots and drones making most city deliveries within the same time frame.

And according to research from Facebook IQ, human conversations about chatbots have increased fivefold on the social media giant’s platform since 2017. People are obviously thinking about the intelligent machines that are increasingly standing in for our human interactions.

In Profit’s spring issue, Oracle experts and customers explore trends such as AI and machine learning that are revolutionizing the area of CX. Read on to learn about the tools and strategies leading companies are utilizing to keep ahead of the competition.

Why Should You Replace Customer Segmentation with Machine Learning?
“Machine learning algorithms are far more effective to personalize the customer experience.” —Oracle’s Eva Michel

Open Road
Mack Trucks’ digital marketing campaign for its Anthem highway tractor is as bold and efficient as the new big rig.

Transformation Ahead
Cloud business strategies and innovative supply chain solutions were highlighted at Oracle’s Modern Supply Chain Experience 2018.

Data-Driven Music
Sound United finds the missing piece in its strategy: rich customer data from Oracle.

Raise Your Voice
With the rise of voice search, companies can engage conversationally with customers and more intelligently meet their needs.

Using Connected Intelligence
“Companies have new technology options for achieving what I call connected intelligence, the key to overcoming many CX pitfalls and turning CX into a competitive advantage.” —Oracle’s Jeff Wartgow

How to Build a Spaceship, the (Relatively) Easy Way
Oracle helps AirBorn create a self-service platform that customers use to easily configure products, request quotes, and submit orders.

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How Does Your Customer Experience Stack Up?
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