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Special Report: Oracle ERP Cloud

October 2018

Oracle OpenWorld is right around the corner and one of the major topics of this year’s show will be Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud (Oracle ERP Cloud). Scheduled sessions cover a wide range of topics related to ERP. How will artificial intelligence modernize procurement? What role does the cloud play in creating the factory of the future? Does the executive suite have the IT flexibility it needs to respond to evolving international tax and tariff regimes?

But understanding the ERP landscape requires more than a look forward. Indeed, many of the core processes of some of the world’s largest enterprises are still built on top of on-premises systems installed as long as a decade ago. Can an ERP system that is installed in the era of the first-generation iPhone support modern business practices? When is the right time to move to the cloud? How do you begin?

In this special report, learn more about what the future of Oracle ERP Cloud has in store for Oracle customers—and expert strategies for making cloud-based ERP central to your business success.

A New Standard
When faced with a choice between three legacy ERP systems, Western Digital chose instead to future-proof its systems with Oracle ERP Cloud.

Go Bold with Cloud ERP
The immediate and future benefits of a bold approach to cloud-based enterprise resource planning

Moments of Truth
If any of these scenarios apply to your organization, it’s time to move to cloud-based ERP.

Cloud Drives M&A Success
How centralized cloud-based enterprise resource planning boosts the success of mergers and acquisitions

Mind the Gap
How distant is your ERP system from the reality of modern business?

The Right Stuff for Mobile Development
Oracle Mobile Cloud Service helps steer Renault-MAIS to success.

Does Your Company Have Something to Prove?
Cloud-based ERP can help navigate compliance.

How Do I Grow an Edible Garden?
Applying business wisdom to real-life endeavors

Why Tax Experts Need to Be In the Room Where Cloud ERP Decisions Happen
Companies need to choose cloud ERP systems built to accommodate tax changes—and having tax experts involved in the evaluation could reap big benefits.

CFOs: 6 Questions You Need to Ask About Cloud ERP
If you’re one of those companies evaluating its cloud ERP (enterprise resource planning) options, make sure you’re asking the following six questions before selecting a platform.

5 Compelling Reasons to Move from On-Premises ERP to Oracle ERP Cloud
There’s the unleashing of organizational potential and productivity that the new model of computing delivers, but here are five other reasons.

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