Growing Business

Special Report: Business at Scale

July 2018

Technology is changing our ideas about business scale. Historically, companies gained cost savings through economies of scale—their size enabled large factories or hospital systems, for example, to offer products or services at lower cost. But thanks to the cloud, the new rule of scale seems to be that there’s no longer a rule of scale. Smaller upstarts are using technology such as autonomous tools and on-demand cloud services to provide customers with what they want more nimbly and inexpensively.

So, how are companies handling this disruption? The scalable cloud may make it much easier for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) to compete with larger ones, but with the right strategy, it can also help large enterprises maintain their advantage over smaller competitors.

In Profit’s summer issue, Oracle experts and customers discuss the growth and IT strategies of SMBs that are successfully scaling, as well as how large companies are using cloud services to stay ahead of the “ankle biters.” Read on to learn about how companies big and small are choosing the cloud to stay nimble and competitive in our rapidly changing world.

The Best Medicine
Faster results. Peace of mind. Quality Metrics Partners and autonomous technologies are transforming healthcare.

The Right Growth Mindset for SMBs
Oracle’s global director of consumer markets sheds light on the growth and IT strategies of SMBs that are successfully scaling.

The Untapped Potential of Automation in the Public Sector
Automation provides more flexibility for governments that are facing ever-changing priorities.

Match Fit
A Spanish soccer club turns to the cloud to hold its own against a powerful rival.

Setting Innovation Free
Discover the four key steps to scaling up success.

A Matter of Minutes
iGeolise goes big with a revolutionary new way to think about travel time.

Internet of Things Helps Noble Plastics Keep People off the Graveyard Shift
With Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service, small and midsize businesses can monitor their industrial equipment remotely.

The Great Equalizer
The scalable cloud keeps companies of all sizes nimble and competitive.

The New Data Capitalist
Companies of every size can make the most of new data consumers.

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