Five Ideas

Five Ideas: Social Strategies

June 2016

Every organization should have the tools to integrate social seamlessly across every mission-critical department—to listen, engage, collaborate, manage, and maximize social media for business efficiencies that will lead to an enhanced customer experience.


Here, learn more about Oracle Social Cloud and Oracle’s vision to socially enable the enterprise to provide a better understanding and engagement with customers and stronger collaboration within the workforce. Plus, learn more about how company leaders are using social to connect with customers and drive deeper brand loyalty.

“What many big companies have now is legacy software that manages telephone and email, and separate software to handle things such as social media and online reviews. Those two software packages do not talk, which is why, if you call somebody and then you go on Facebook, it’s a different person, a different circumstance. It’s like dealing with a different company.” —Jay Baer, author of Hug Your Haters

“We think we have to do social, we have to do Twitter, we have to do a mobile app. We focus on these things one at a time, and in reality, we should be focusing on what our brand stands for and what it needs to communicate—and let that drive touchpoint selection.”—Joe Webb, Global Lead at TNS Connected Solutions

“Just this year, we started taking a content marketing approach. We are creating and uploading much more interesting and amusing content to our social properties, via Oracle Social Cloud, so potential customers will follow our content to registration pages on our official site.” —Yuichi Mori, Assistant General Manager, Digital Marketing at Sapporo Breweries

“If you can determine your return on investment on your social media activities, then you are bringing those efforts into line with the rest of the company.” —Jeff Cohen, Director of Content Strategy at Oracle Marketing Cloud

“We don’t want to commercialize the platform. We want to use it as a tool to listen to our customers and respond immediately to whatever it is they need to feel happy about their relationship with us.” —Rogier Schmit, Director of Digital Service, T-Mobile Netherlands

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