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Social Service

New social features in Oracle Service Cloud let companies engage with customers more seamlessly.

by Alison Weiss

November 2015

Social is becoming a popular way for companies to service and support customers. While consumers are happy to have another useful avenue to engage with brands (research by Ovum reveals that 74 percent of customers typically use three or more communications channels for support interactions), what they want most is for their service experiences to be seamless and successful—whatever the mix of digital or conventional channels they use.


In fact, the concept of siloed consumer support channels is being obliterated, says David Vap, group vice president of product development at Oracle. Consumers expect to receive support by connecting to companies using an expanding variety of media, including social. Oracle is helping companies deliver more socially engaging support services with the addition of new functionality and improved analytics within Oracle Service Cloud.

“We’ve made some huge improvements in the cohesiveness behind social listening capabilities and the ability for those conversations, whether on Twitter or Facebook, to be brought back to the organization to respond to,” Vap says. “Customer service organizations can interact back out in a very fluid way across whatever social channels customers were engaging on at the time.”

Within a business, you need to havea unified viewpoint and unified analytics across different customer engagement points.”

Oracle Service Cloud now includes community self-service, where Oracle customers can easily engage with each other and quickly find answers to support issues. Oracle Service Cloud also features new workflow and automation capabilities to improve connectivity with Oracle Social Cloud. Users can link notes and contextual attributes generated from social posts or incidents identified by Oracle Social Cloud directly to Oracle Service Cloud. Having this seamless access to more customer data and greater context, companies can enhance their service as well as solve problems faster.


Percentage of customers who use three or more communications channels for customer support interactions (Source: Ovum)


The enhanced connectivity between Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Social Cloud also extends social listening and analytics to private, unstructured datasources, such as call logs, survey data, chat, and the new community self-service capability.

“Within a business, you need to have a unified viewpoint and unified analytics across different customer engagement points,” Vap says. “You need to be able to track the engagement and have a place to document it as a single dialogue regardless of the channel used. At Oracle, we’re constantly looking at the ways consumers are communicating. We provide the flexible, seamless communications platform that can manage not only the multiple ways customers connect today, but also the multiple ways that are emerging.”

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