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Shining a Light on Receivables

by Alan Joch

August 2016

Having better access to operational data and being able to spot emerging trends as they’re unfolding provides an early-warning system for profit-sapping problems. OPAIN S.A. is using the information-management capabilities of Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solutions to understand why one vendor may be paying less in fees for airport services than a peer of similar size. “If we find that an anomaly in the data is indeed related to a problem with certain airport services, we can address it quickly,” says Andrea Liliana Ibañez Galvis, chief financial officer at OPAIN.



Headquarters: Bogotá, Colombia

Industry: Airport management

Employees: 500

Oracle products: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solutions, Oracle Database, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management


Andrea Liliana Ibañez Galvis


Length of tenure: Six years

Education: Bachelor of Accounting, Universidad Libre de Colombia; Specialization in Taxes Science, Universidad Central; Specialization in Finance, Universidad de la Sabana


Julia Piedad Gomez Silva


Length of tenure: Four years

Education: Bachelor of IT Engineering, Universidad Católica de Colombia; Specialization in Project Management, Universidad EAN

Personal quote/mantra: “First, select your team properly and empower it correctly, then work according to a strategic plan for the short-, medium-, and long-term goals.”


For example, OPAIN supplies ground power units (GPUs) to the aircrafts, and using JD Edwards, the staff can see the daily consumption rates and the times of the day each airline is drawing power. In one case, an airline was consuming surprisingly low volumes of electricity, and after the financial staff flagged this anomaly, the OPAIN operations team went to the tarmac to investigate. It found that the airline had brought in its own power generator to avoid having to pay for airport-provided electricity, something that ran counter to the terms of the lease.


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“In the previous system, we wouldn’t have noticed the discrepancy until we analyzed the information at the end of the month and wouldn’t have been able to correct the situation until then,” Ibañez Galvis says. “By having more-detailed information for invoicing, we can take corrective actions daily, when necessary. And as a result of acting more quickly, we’ll be sure to receive all the revenue that is owed to us.”

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