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Sharing Economy Comes Home

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August 2016

With long work hours and increasing time spent interfacing with devices instead of people, it’s easy for professionals to feel isolated. Coliving offers an alternative: these communities offer like-minded people a way to come together to share space, eat meals, and build networks.


The models vary: Los Angeles, California–based PodShare provides bunks, bikes, and coworking tables at locations throughout the city, catering to shorter stays for travelers, temp workers—such as production assistants—and new arrivals.

Meanwhile at the Cupertino, California, Rainbow Mansion, a small group of passionate professionals—such as mechanical engineer Jeremy Swerdlow—often live for years in a sprawling home where they host tech talks and Sunday night dinners and collaborate on projects. Of course, they all have chores. For example, Swerdlow is in charge of the garage, which is really a permanent maker lab complete with a laser cutter, a 3-D printer, electronic fabrication equipment, and more. In this way, Rainbow Mansion is like a normal house in the area. “In Silicon Valley, garages are for projects, not for cars,” he jokes. More information is at and

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