Five Ideas: Security

February 2015

Mobile is changing the way we work as tablets and phones replace laptops, paper, and even dedicated specialized devices. These changes challenge our infrastructure and the way we think about security. Mobile devices are a new threat vector.


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Learn how to register, plus hear what experts are saying about how to be smart about security in today’s rapidly changing technology environment.

“Attacks by cybercriminals will get more sophisticated and resourceful, and their stories more cunning and plausible. Instead of targeting individuals, they will increasingly target networks—both human and the Internet of Things—often with difficult-to-ascertain total losses.” —Amitava Ghosh, principal business analyst with the Oracle Insight team

“Recent high-profile data breaches, combined with more powerful algorithms enabling retailers to identify customers across a variety of shopping venues, including the internet, mobile devices, and physical locations, have illustrated the potentially negative impact of these new [mobile and analytics] technologies.” —John Soat, freelance writer and multimedia producer specializing in the intersection of business and technology

“Designed to address the unique security concerns of the financial services industry, Oracle Financial Services Cloud is a dedicated community cloud with world-class security to empower financial services companies to adopt cloud applications.” —Thomas Kurian, president of Oracle product development

“Data security is not just a technical challenge—it is an enterprise business challenge. Within today’s enterprises, no other type of professional is better equipped and knowledgeable than database professionals.”—Joseph McKendrick, a Unisphere research analyst

“We know one thing about systems: There is no perfect system. So security needs to be about something more than tactics. It has to be a cultural mindset. That should be expressed at the beginning of any IT project—before we start designing a system architecture, we need to discuss plans to secure the technology.”—Oracle Chief Security Officer Mary Ann Davidson

Photography by Shutterstock