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Scuba Spelunking

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Looking for the ultimate subaquatic adventure? Sea spelunkers who want to (re)breathe new life into their underwater escapades are exploring premiere cave-diving destinations.


One of the crown jewels of cave diving is found off the shores of the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas. Laden with some of the ocean’s most intense crystal formations that are tucked away at depths of up to 150 feet and spread across 40,000 feet of underwater passages, Dan’s Cave in Abaco is the primo spot.

But beware: the caves of Abaco are not for novices. Divers must first be certified for Nitrox diving to mitigate the risk of decompression sickness (aka the bends). Extreme diving outfitter Bahamas Underground offers all the equipment you need and more than a dozen courses in technical cave diving decompression techniques. Learn more at

Photography by Shutterstock