Cloud Computing

Sapporo Taps into Innovative Private Cloud

by Aaron Lazenby

Fall 2016

Sapporo has always been a leader of the pack. Sapporo Lager was first brewed in 1876 in Hokkaido during the birth of Japan’s beer brewing industry.

Today, nearly 140 years since that first beer was brewed, Sapporo is innovating again to keep up with customers. The company is modernizing its IT strategy by consolidating its compute architecture onto a private cloud and by expanding collaboration with increasingly savvy lines of business.

“We knew this was our opportunity for a brand-new IT platform,” says Atsushi Ishihara, CIO at Sapporo Holdings. “Our new concept is to run the private cloud and use Oracle Exadata as the database platform.”

How does this new approach improve operations in the lines of business? According to Shigeo Hoshino, director of sales and marketing for Sapporo Breweries, the new approach brought new flexibility to his organization.

“With the private cloud, our sales team members will be able to share data more easily, which makes them more efficient when it comes to their daily reports, budget reports, and sales forecasts,” he says. “They can also share lead information more immediately with everyone else in the company.”

And while the project will continue into 2017, the Sapporo team knows they are on the right track. “We already see the benefits of this work,” says Ishihara.

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Photography by Shutterstock