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Pyrotechnics for the Palate

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Want your next corporate event to really blow everyone away?

Then consider a pyrotechnics display such as the one at London’s New Year’s Eve 2013 celebration, where different-colored fireworks exploded in the sky choreographed to fruity flavors. A quarter of a million people watching between the Westminster and Hungerford bridges experienced a total sensory assault—seeing, smelling, and tasting clouds of apple, cherry, and strawberry mist, peach snow, bubbles filled with orange-flavored smoke, and edible banana confetti.


This first-ever flavored fireworks extravaganza was created by British culinary artists Bompas & Parr, who have been specializing in immersive food-based experiences since 2007. The company’s edible achievements include a chocolate climbing wall, glow-in-the-dark alcoholic jelly, and a fruit salad boating lake. “What we love is food and spectacle on the largest scale imaginable,” says Sam Bompas. “We dream up our wildest dreams, and we have a whole toolbox of tricks to make them happen.” To light up your taste buds, go to

Photography by Shutterstock