Cloud Computing

Putting Data Management on Autopilot

Autonomous database technology enables small firms to scale quickly.

By David Baum and Ed Baum

Summer 2018

Autonomous database technology offers an easy path to enterprise-grade analytics, enabling small firms to scale quickly and establish new business models—and even to compete against large companies that have spent years creating and refining their data management processes. QMP depends on the intelligent capabilities of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud to deliver analytics services to its clients. Its DBAs are able to spend less time on mundane data management tasks due to the following standard capabilities:

Self-driving. Thanks to adaptive machine-learning algorithms, the database can automatically tune itself—allowing users to submit queries, visualize data, and share results without devoting time to data management tasks.

Self-securing. The system patches itself automatically to avoid human errors or omissions. It automatically applies the latest security patches, reducing the risk of vulnerability and minimizing application downtime.

Self-repairing. Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud automatically recovers from any physical failures—at both the server and data center levels. In addition, by applying software updates in a rolling fashion across multiple nodes within a cluster, it ensures that applications remain online.

Quality Metrics Partners
Location: Dallas, Texas
Industry: Healthcare IT
Revenue: US$60 million in 2017
Employees: 200
Oracle products: Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud, Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Database Cloud Service, Oracle Data Integration Cloud
Michael Morales, CEO and Founder

Length of tenure: Four years
Education: BS in preprofessional studies, minor in anthropology, University of Notre Dame; post-baccalaureate studies in medical sciences and business, University of Texas at Arlington
Personal quote/mantra: “Our ability to improve healthcare is within our blood. It’s up to us to do something about it.”

Michael Morales, CEO and Founder, Quality Metrics Partners (QMP)
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