Five Ideas: Predictions for 2016

January 2016

We recently asked Profit readers what IT trends they were most focused on in 2016. Their answers? Cloud computing got a whopping 42 percent of the vote.


Here, learn what Oracle experts have to say about the best way to handle the cloud in 2016. Plus, get their other predictions, including what trends to expect in customer service, big data, Internet of Things, and more.

“What percentage of the IT organization is now focused on building customer-centric apps? How does that figure compare to last year? How much will it grow in 2016? World-class CIOs will find ways to transform their teams into engines of customer engagement, with app creation at the center.” —Bob Evans, Oracle Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer

“This may be the year we see a serious shift in big data technology adoption, as companies can benefit from the lessons learned by early adopters and from the availability of cloud-based and user-friendly technologies.” —Jeff Pollock, Oracle Vice President of Product Management

“One of the top quick-win scenarios CIOs will seize on in 2016 is to move their development and testing to the cloud.” —Chris Murphy, Oracle Director of Cloud Content

The IoT represents a huge opportunity for companies to interact with customers in new, more direct, more affecting ways. It also represents a sizable data management and integration challenge—a recurring theme for customer-obsessed companies.” —Reggie Bradford, Oracle Senior Vice President of Product Development

“In 2016 we’ll see the first wave of integrated RFPs, where the two are intended to work together, not independently. Here’s why: Complexity is the enemy of efficiency, and IT pros realize that a big problem with public clouds is that they’re fundamentally different from how enterprise IT runs.” —Chuck Hollis, Oracle Senior Vice President of Converged Infrastructure

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