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Platform as a Service

May 2016

According to Oracle Insight’s Venkat Dandibhotla, Platform as a Service (PaaS) is key to binding departments together. “It can facilitate collaboration internally and with external partners, ease real-time data exchange across the company, hasten product and application development, and give departments the benefits of integrated systems,” he wrote in an article for Profit online.


PaaS will certainly be a topic at Oracle CloudWorld, taking place on June 30 in Mexico City. Here, learn more about how to register for the event, which will feature Oracle CEO Mark Hurd. Plus, read on to learn more about the benefits PaaS can bring—and what you need to watch out for in your own organization.

“PaaS is helping small and large companies make better use of the cloud—securing, integrating, mobilizing, and providing analytics on their data. As little as two years ago, an organization would have had to buy and deploy multiple solutions to do all that.” —Dain Hansen, Director of Product Marketing in Oracle’s Technology Business Group

“PaaS for SaaS is really the killer feature from a functional standpoint…If I build it on premises, I have all kinds of integration challenges.” —Sten Vesterli, Senior Principal Consultant, Scott/Tiger

“Using a cloud-based platform as a service (PaaS), you can develop that unique functionality and integrate with—rather than rewrite—the SaaS code.” —Chris Murphy, Director of Cloud Content at Oracle

“Companies will not be able to fully capitalize on PaaS capabilities if their decision-making is siloed or they continue to be organized around long product development and release cycles.” —Venkat Dandibhotla, Oracle Insight

“If we continue to book the way we expect, we should see our first $1 billion quarter for SaaS-PaaS revenue next year.” —Oracle CEO Mark Hurd

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