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FYI: The Rundown

August 2014

Coworking spaces—communal, shared office spaces often favored by entrepreneurs, remote workers, and creatives—are popping up everywhere from Denver to Dubai. And they feature a variety of amenities, from childcare to yoga classes.

Get a closer look at the array of options by checking out these five cool coworking spaces across America. How do you select the space for you? “Make use of free passes and see for yourself,” advises Ramon Suarez, author of The Coworking Handbook. “Choose the one that goes with your personality.”

Brooklyn Boulders Location: Somerville, Massachusetts
Price: US$109 per month/US$22 for day pass
Who it’s for: Professionals who value muscle as much as the mind
This indoor rock-climbing facility is the largest in the greater Boston area, and at the top of the 50-foot-high wall you’ll find the Active Collaborative Workspace, where you can drop in to work on your startup’s business plan in between your backsteps and dynos. But be warned: per the rules, “Lethargy is strictly prohibited.”


Hera Hub Location: San Diego, California
Price: US$129 and up per month/no day passes
Who it’s for: Female execs tired of testosterone-heavy incubators
Hera Hub’s airy and inviting coworking spaces are the perfect place to get your new business off the ground. As the name implies, this coworkspace is strictly for female entrepreneurs to work with—and learn from—other female entrepreneurs and professionals, and you’ll never find a more supportive space to build your network.


Metrix Create: Space Location: Seattle, Washington
Price: US$50 and up per month (plus hourly rates for equipment use)/US$5 and up per hour walk-in rate
Who it’s for: Makers who have run out of space for equipment at home
This “retail hackerspace” includes access to a laser cutter and etcher, a 3-D printer, high-end routing and cutting equipment, and even a manufacturing lab for making printed circuit boards. Operating hours are demographically appropriate—noon to midnight.



20Mission Workspace Location: San Francisco, California
Price: US$350 per month/US$25 for day pass
Who it’s for: Hipsters and those who love them
Designed to bring together two trademark San Francisco populations—artists and techies—20Mission Workspace offers pop-up art shows. Shows have had a comic book, a video game, and even a Bitcoin theme—and a video game fight competition known as “Button Smashing Night.” Are you cool enough to work in this neighborhood?



The Yard Location: New York, New York
Price: US$225 and up/US$25 for day pass
Who it’s for: Serious freelancers and entrepreneurs looking to network
It’s nice to have options. The Yard is a hybrid coworking space offering both open and private offices for individuals and teams, and even a US$99 virtual membership. But don’t just work, network. At The Yard, you can get to know successful innovators—like Uber and Ghostly—by attending education seminars, happy hours, and much more.

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