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Oracle’s Healthcare Solutions: Innovative and Responsive

By Monica Mehta

August 2009

From helping a provider or payer organization manage patients and staff more efficiently to ensuring that health records are sent securely, Oracle’s healthcare offerings deliver cutting-edge, secure, cost-effective ways for organizations to meet the needs of the next generation of healthcare. Profit spoke with Marc Perlman, vice president of Oracle Healthcare and Life Sciences for North America, about Oracle’s healthcare solutions.

Profit: What is Oracle’s role in serving the needs of healthcare?

Perlman: Oracle is focused on empowering the healthcare ecosystem with applications and technology that improve patient care while driving operational efficiency. We do this through collaboration with our clients and partners to bring innovative solutions to the market that help them address their business challenges. For instance, our PeopleSoft applications help health systems address challenges in recruiting and retaining the best talent; streamline the delivery of care by automating paper-based, manual processes; and have a cost-effective supply chain that ensures that the right medical supplies will be present when needed.

Healthcare also struggles with the ability to truly understand the cost, quality, and variability of care delivered. With our healthcare analytic offerings, Oracle is helping customers most efficiently run their business without sacrificing clinical care or quality. Through Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle’s technology offerings, we are also helping to meet the challenge of standards-based, interoperable medical records exchange. Oracle is unique in its ability to deliver a comprehensive set of applications and technology for this industry.

Profit: What innovations does Oracle bring to the healthcare industry?

Perlman: Organizations are tackling increasing amounts of data and images. This demand is expected to grow, especially with the drive toward electronic medical records and more-sophisticated diagnostic imaging tools. Oracle has created technology in Oracle Database 11g that allows images to be securely stored. It’s not only faster and more reliable—it’s cheaper to run.

Increasingly, care will be delivered outside of traditional settings. With Siebel applications, Oracle continues to extend the walls of hospitals so that providers and payers can better manage access, appropriate interventions, and chronic care services. This leads to much better medical outcomes. We’re also focusing on helping our clients capture new forms of revenue by enabling them to provide supplies, pharmaceuticals, and equipment to their patients.

Profit: A growing trend in healthcare is providing the means for collaboration among providers and patients. How is Oracle meeting that demand?

Perlman: Collaboration isn’t just e-mail anymore. Oracle is delivering technology that connects patients, providers, and other members of a patient’s support network. With Oracle Beehive, providers can connect with peers or global experts on rare conditions, or allow patients to interact without having to go in for an in-person consultation. This allows caregivers to improve access and the quality of care delivered to their patients, especially for those who have chronic diseases. All this is going to be important in the future, especially as consumers take a more active role in their own healthcare. Built with privacy and security in place, Oracle’s innovative solutions will help address a distributed care environment.

Profit: Another demand is the secure maintenance of medical records. How is Oracle helping in that area?

Perlman: The healthcare industry faces challenges in certifying that personnel are accessing sensitive patient and financial data appropriately. This will continue to grow in importance with the proliferation of electronic medical records. Oracle Identity and Access Management solutions play a vital role in securing access to information, as well as protecting against fraudulent use. Oracle gives customers the ability to manage this risk through access and compliance management using a single, standards-based framework for security. These capabilities allow our healthcare customers to more easily meet compliance initiatives and protect health information.

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