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Oracle Optimized Solution for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

By Tony Kontzer

November 2011

While many companies are able to successfully tap the capabilities of Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solutions on a wide range of technology platforms, Oracle’s comprehensive lineup of complementary technologies is designed to help organizations get the most out of their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne deployments. By combining a finely tuned JD Edwards implementation with the right Oracle server, storage, operating system, and middleware layers, enterprises can achieve superior reliability and security, while benefiting from peak performance and lower total cost of ownership.

But small and midsize enterprises often lack the IT resources needed to bring all these pieces together in a single deployment. That’s where the Oracle Optimized Solution for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne comes in. Designed to be economical and scalable turnkey solutions for small and midsize enterprises, Oracle Optimized Solutions combine hardware architecture and a software stack that can run on a single SPARC T-Series server. Backed by Oracle’s flagship database technology and its next-generation Oracle Fusion Middleware application infrastructure, Oracle Optimized Solutions are built to mitigate risk, accelerate business agility, and improve user productivity.

Companies that choose the Oracle Optimized Solution for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne quickly see results. The solutions are packaged as portable virtual environments, enabling them to be installed using verified best practices that simplify tuning and configuration. And because the cost is much lower than what is customary for a full hardware and software stack, companies will find that they have extra funds for expenses such as software licensing.

Despite its economical design, the Oracle Optimized Solution for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne scales effectively. Even at 1,200 users, the system preserves up to 50 percent of memory and 70 percent of CPU space, providing the ability to grow as the business dictates and opening the door to additional consolidation of computing workloads. What’s more, Oracle’s Sun FlashFire technology dramatically improves application performance, delivering as much as a 300 percent improvement over conventional storage technologies when reading data in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

With power and space at a premium in today’s data centers, IT executives are looking to squeeze every drop out of their resources in order to maximize service delivery and minimize server and storage sprawl. The Oracle Optimized Solution for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne enables CIOs to achieve these objectives quickly and effectively by availing themselves of a documented and tested plug-and-play environment that has been integrated and optimized by Oracle.

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