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Oracle Financing: Speedy Return on Investment

How customers are lowering acquisition and ownership costs and accelerating the benefits of Oracle-based solutions

February 2008

Available in more than 50 countries, Oracle Financing has provided nearly US$8 billion in acquisition financing and leasing to thousands of Oracle customers. Profit spoke with Anil Vora, global vice president of Oracle Financing, about vendor-provided financing and the role it plays in the new frontier of helping customers acquire, maintain, and evolve their business systems.

PROFIT: What is Oracle Financing?

VORA: Oracle Financing helps customers buy Oracle products and services so that they can more quickly realize the value of new, modernized technical business solutions. Oracle Financing offers payment solutions for Oracle software—applications, database, and middleware—and services, such as education and consulting, as well as for multivendor partner solutions that include partner software, services, and hardware.

PROFIT: Why should customers consider Oracle Financing over other methods or sources of financing?

VORA: Oracle provides a one-stop shop for technical expertise and competitive financing. Other sources of financing cannot provide our customers with the same mix of technical knowledge and financing expertise. Regardless of the scope of the solution being acquired, Oracle provides flexible payment structures that are based on master agreements that can be tailored to specific business requirements and usually meet with quick approval.

PROFIT: Is Oracle Financing a better fit for new customers or for existing customers?

VORA: Oracle Financing provides for the needs of new and existing customers. It helps companies take a long-term view of their technology and business solutions. No matter what size you are today, we can help you look at the technology you need now and how it will scale as your needs change—and we can provide flexible payment structures to help you evolve your legacy systems without financial constraint. In addition to new licenses and services, Oracle Financing also assists with upgrading or expanding systems as well as with license acquisitions and implementation services.

PROFIT: Why do executives like Oracle Financing?

VORA: Oracle Financing can help you map your payments to budgets or to the specific benefits you will receive from your implementations, thus creating an executive view that enhances the analysis of their value proposition and creates a self-funded project paradigm. Flexible, competitive financing solutions help your company manage its capital so that your business solutions cost less overall and leave more capital available for investment in your core business area. By helping business planners access future budgets and improve budget predictability, Oracle Financing helps companies evolve business systems quickly while preserving existing capital.

PROFIT: How do customers engage with Oracle Financing?

VORA: Oracle Financing solutions are available to customers at all stages of acquiring Oracle and multivendor solutions. We're a natural fit for Oracle Applications customers that are often looking for licensing, implementation, consulting, and education services—but we work across all the Oracle product lines. We also engage with customers after acquisition, helping them understand how they want their Oracle implementation to evolve down the line and providing optimized funding for their expansion and maintenance plans. The best place to get started is with your Oracle account manager or partner.

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