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Opening doors with Oracle Startup Accelerator Program

By Tara Swords

Summer 2018

When iGeolise finished developing its geocoder, cofounders Peter Lilley and Charlie Davies looked around for companies that might be interested in it. They got an introduction to Phil Bates at Oracle’s Technology Center in Bristol, and the feedback was good—so good, in fact, that Bates invited them to apply to the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator Program.

After multiple rounds of interviews, iGeolise was in. Through the six-month program, the company has gotten tremendous access to technology and product development teams. But even more important is the way Oracle has helped open doors for the startup.

“When you’re a relatively small company trying to get in front of a big potential client, it’s hard enough just to get through reception, let alone to get a meeting and be taken seriously,” Lilley says. “When Oracle phones up and arranges a meeting, we can tag along and be the ‘here’s something different’ feature that Oracle can present to the customer. They’ve really delivered.”

Location: London, England
Industry: Data and analytics
Employees: 21
Revenue: £1.2 million
Oracle products: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes, Oracle VM
Peter Lilley, Cofounder and Commercial Director

Length of tenure: Nine years
Personal quote/mantra: “Find something you love. Then go all-in; make a difference.”

Peter Lilley, Cofounder and Commercial Director, iGeolise
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Photography by Imantas Pakalnis, Image courtesy of iGeolise