Customer Experience

Modern Business

February 2016

Digital technologies such as the cloud, mobile and the Internet of Things are challenging everything we know. They are transforming industries, revolutionizing how we live, and offering limitless space for businesses to create value.


In January and February, Oracle hosted Digital Transformation 2016 conferences in Abu Dhabi and London for professionals working in customer experience, finance, HCM, and more. Here, learn more from experts about how to take full advantage of the powerful technologies that are changing the way work gets done.

Business Will Drive Digital Transformation
“The movement to digital is the most important trend impacting business in the last few years,” says Subramanian Iyer, Oracle Insight and Customer Strategy. What five things must every leader keep in mind?

Digital Transformation and New Technologies
Oracle Insight’s experts share their views on digital transformation and new technologies shaping the business landscape in 2016, and how enterprises can prepare.

Transform Your Business with Mobile, Social, Global, Digital Marketing
The cloud creates the opportunity for the entrepreneurial CMO to be fluid and respond to rapid change, and forces the CMO and CIO to collaborate. Creativity and content are still in huge demand, but they’re applied differently today.

The Rise of the Digital CFO: The Top 5 Strategic Finance Issues For 2016
CFOs have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help build their future by taking a leading role in a three-stage digital journey. Learn how.

The Top 10 Strategic CIO Issues for 2016
CIOs of the world, it’s time to jump into this revolution fearlessly and joyfully because your backgrounds, your perspectives, your expertise, and your imaginations are needed desperately.

Big Data for All? Oracle's 2016 Predictions
This is the year the big data adoption trend will begin to make the leap from 3,000 organizations to tens of thousands of organizations. The industry will finally begin to shift gears into more mainstream applications, affecting thousands more businesses.

Five Ideas: Modern Business
New technologies like the cloud and Internet of Things are changing industries, revolutionizing how we live, and offering limitless opportunities for business leaders to create value at their companies.

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