Case Studies

Managing Mobile

April 2015

There’s no doubt that mobile business is exploding: By 2017, revenue from mobile commerce in the US will comprise half of all revenue from digital commerce—more than twice the current percentage, according to research firm Gartner.


In March, Oracle Communications experts attendedMobile World Congress 2015along with more than 85,000 attendees, exploring trends that will shape mobile in the years ahead. Here, get insights from thought leaders—including Oracle’s own experts—about how mobile is changing, and what your company needs to do to master mobility.

At Telstra, Mobile CRM Is a Sales Tool—and a Selling Point
Telstra’s enterprise IT leadership began work with Oracle and Infosys in 2013 to develop an enhanced mobile CRM system that would improve the customer experience. Telstra wanted a showcase for helping customers embrace new technologies to drive productivity and innovation in their own organizations.

How to Engage Customers with Low-Cost Cell Phones
“Businesses must rethink their platforms to cater to this new group of consumers. Companies must positively engage them and deliver services they can use,” says Venkat Dandibhotla, director, Industry Strategy & Insight at Oracle.

Does Your Company Recognize Your Online Identity—Anywhere, Anytime?
Our mobile IDs travel with us to work, back home, and on the road. Businesses are learning to cope.

One Ringy Dingy: Telcos Make A Call ForAgility
Competition is now coming from unexpected places, putting a lot of the CSPs’ revenue and future relevance at risk.

Here's Why Mobile Shouldn't StandAlone
“Mobile needs to be considered as part of a larger and overarching business strategy aimed at maximizing the value of data, and that demands a different approach to mobility on several fronts,” says Suhas Uliyar, vice president of mobile strategy product management at Oracle.

Is Your Company Ready For The Coming Surge In Mobile Commerce?
The desktop browser isn’t going away, but companies need to prepare for a more mobile-centric world. This means building their customer experience on a common platform, which will enable them to extend applications, deliver a common analytics foundation, and provide a platform that can integrate social media seamlessly across all the applications.

Sensing the Future
“We are moving toward a connected, multidevice world,” says Jeremy Ashley, vice president of the Oracle Applications User Experience group. “We see that wearables are a large part of this. They allow our customers to participate more seamlessly with their enterprise systems.”

Modern UI Design for Web and Mobility Delivers a Better Overall User Experience
“The demand for mobile applications is skyrocketing, and it’s triggered a huge change for IT organizations,” says Chris Tonas, vice president of mobility and developer tools and frameworks at Oracle. “The research I’ve seen shows that 90 percent of enterprise IT is building or releasing one or more mobile apps every six months. That’s quite a turnaround from the old days of taking two or three years to develop applications.”

Mastering Mobility
A 2014 report on mobility, sponsored by Oracle, includes a worldwide survey of CIOs and IT leaders. Findings reveal the rate of development, deployment, and spending support for mobile applications and devices is projected to skyrocket over the next few years.

No More Guesswork
Oracle Mobile Cloud Service is designed to give mobile program managers the analytic data CIOs need to see exactly how mobile apps are affecting the bottom line.

Best Practices in Mobile Business Intelligence
With the right management sponsorship, implementation plan, and infrastructure, mobile BI can be a powerful extension for the analytical capabilities of any organization.

Workflow to Go
Oracle EPM on mobile streamlines critical financial workflow and approval processes.

Five Mobile Strategy Best Practices
“Organizations that implement best practices for mobility in the enterprise can expect to improve consumer experience and loyalty, expand revenue channels, streamline the customer support process, and reduce customer support costs,” say Sanjay Singh, director of Insight & Customer Strategy at Oracle, and Susnigdha Balagari, manager of Insight & Customer Strategy at Oracle.

Getting to Mobile
“The mobile conversation is happening, and I keep hearing more examples of how it can help organizations grow…. Quickly turning feedback into a business benefit is what working on mobile strategy is all about,” says Oracle ACE Director Debra Lilley.

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