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Case Studies

Call to Action

Vodafone Fiji stays nimble in the face of fast growth thanks to Oracle technologies.

ERP Cloud

Finding the Right Partner

Lessons learned during an implementation project

Artificial Intelligence

How to Prepare for the Autonomous Future

Five guidelines to keep your enterprise on the right road

Human Capital Management

The Future Is People

Planning today for your IT workforce of the future

Customer Experience

Enabling Innovative and Positive Customer Experiences

Ivgen Guner offers insights into how diversity drives success.

Digital Transformation

Easier Acquisitions

Autonomous data integration and scalability are key to success.

Customer Experience

Getting Real with Your Customer

Focusing on actual customer needs spurs innovation.

Modern Business

Speed of Cloud

Oracle Modern Business Experience high-lights fast payoffs from cloud-based connected enterprises.

Oracle OpenWorld

The Future of Oracle OpenWorld

Harnessing future technologies to build more inclusive organizations with greater returns

Digital Transformation


How IT leaders can plan for the long term in a rapidly changing world

Digital Transformation

Reality Check

Digital transformation brings new and exciting challenges for the Profit team.

Artificial Intelligence

The Future Is Autonomous

Autonomous agents—powered by AI—are transforming society one service at a time.

Case Studies

Flying High

Textron moves to the cloud for security, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Artificial Intelligence

New Reality

Did the CEO really say that? Maybe not.


Safety in Numbers

Harnessing natural disaster data from around the globe

Modern Business