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Case Studies

It’s All Rocket Science

AGI uses Oracle to prevent dangerous and costly outer space collisions.

Inside Oracle

The Big Questions

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd on the US economy, global competition, and the impact education will have on the next generation.

Cloud Computing


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure drives digital transformation


Last-Mile Medicine

Lifesaving drones deliver medical supplies to remote areas.

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IBM Offers Customers a Business Value–Based Approach to Oracle Cloud

Two global powerhouses combine to deliver innovative cloud migration (Sponsored Content)

Artificial Intelligence

VR Hits the Road

Are you ready to be a virtual passenger?

Artificial Intelligence

Question Everything

Future success demands disruptive thinking.


Smart from the Start

Designing smart cities of the future

Digital Transformation

Don’t Think, Do

Successfully executing ideas through action

Oracle OpenWorld

Future Focused

Startups and enterprises innovating with tomorrow’s technologies take center stage at Oracle OpenWorld Europe.


Lead with Speed

GMO Financial Holdings’ CEO Hiroyasu Kito emphasizes the need for rapid processes and responses in today’s financial world.

Modern Business

How Do I . . . Pack for a Trip?

Business wisdom applied to real-life endeavors


High-Tech Hives

How data helped create a global honeybee health system