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Joining the Cause: Q&A with Oracle President Safra Catz

By Monica Mehta

February 2010

In April 2009, Oracle President Safra Catz accepted the position as a Susan G. Komen for the Cure global ambassador, aiding the organization in the mission to end breast cancer forever. Over the course of the two-year position, Catz is volunteering her time and expertise to support breast health efforts around the world. Profit spoke to Catz about the role and her reasons for joining the fight against breast cancer.

Profit: What inspired you to take on the role of global ambassador with Komen for the Cure?

Catz: I was very impressed by the organization’s mission and the people leading it. Since I lost my mother to breast cancer, I wanted to support the good work that Komen for the Cure is doing so that others won’t have to experience the same loss my family did.

Profit: What do you think is the most important aspect of the organization’s fight against breast cancer?

Catz: Komen for the Cure is the largest grassroots group of breast cancer survivors and activists. Their goal is to save lives in two ways: they try to increase awareness as well as fund research. This is a powerful combination fueled by the determination of volunteers.

Profit: How else has Oracle partnered with Komen for the Cure?

Catz: Oracle has partnered with Komen for the Cure in a number of ways, including as a financial supporter and as a marketing partner at Oracle OpenWorld.

Profit: How do these efforts intersect with the role you think companies should play as good corporate citizens?

Catz: I think that many companies can mobilize their employees to participate in important causes. It is good for the companies and good for their employees.

Profit: Is technology changing the way philanthropic organizations operate?

Catz: Technology is changing everything, whether it is in reaching out to potential volunteers and donors or running the organizations as efficiently as possible.

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