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Introducing Employee 2.0

Web 2.0 adds value to business.

July 2007

For today's employees, using Web 2.0 tools is a part of their daily routine. Workers are tapping into instant messaging, chat rooms, blogs, and even virtual worlds. Until now, these services have led employees to sites or applications outside their work environment. However, Oracle is poised to help enterprises add value to their business by bringing Web 2.0 within their secure enterprise. In addition, the product strategy team behind Oracle Human Capital Management is planning to augment Oracle's human capital management (HCM) solutions with Web 2.0 concepts.

Employee 2.0 allows employees to interact with each other using tools such as instant messaging, chat, blogs, wikis, social bookmarking, newsfeeds, and virtual worlds. It's a logical next step for Oracle, which is a leader in Web 2.0 capabilities from an enterprise perspective and a leader in HCM. Employee 2.0 brings these two areas together by leveraging multiple Oracle solutions from Oracle WebCenter, Oracle Collaboration Suite, and Oracle Applications lines.

"We're taking pieces of the current functionality within PeopleSoft or Oracle and bringing in technology from WebCenter," says Gretchen Alarcon, vice president of HCM Product Strategy at Oracle. "This is something that you can do today with any Oracle product line by using Oracle WebCenter Suite. You would embed some of these processes into the enterprise applications, such as Oracle E-Business Suite or PeopleSoft Enterprise."

The major benefits of doing so include easing potential security issues that arise with such tools. "Companies might be intrigued by some of the notions of Web 2.0, yet they're concerned that people might be leaking information or saying inappropriate things," says Michelle Newell, senior director of HCM Applications Marketing at Oracle. "If you pull those tools in under the auspices of a secure enterprise and track them within the system, you can manage it much more effectively and alleviate some of those concerns." By bringing Web 2.0 tools into their HCM systems, companies can also keep employees focused on the workplace. "Integrated and collaborative instant messaging encourages employees to remain focused on workplace responsibilities," says Alarcon. "Communicating with colleagues via an internal system increases the employee's ability to consistently channel attention to work-related topics, increasing both engagement and productivity."

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