Internet of Things

Special Report: Internet of Things

September 2017

In August, Oracle announced significant enhancements to its Oracle Internet of Things cloud services. The offerings now feature built-in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that powers Digital Twin and Digital Thread capabilities.


“IoT [Internet of Things] holds the potential to transform today’s siloed operations into a modern, interconnected, digital set of workflows with real-time visibility and responsiveness,” said Bhagat Nainani, group vice president of IoT Applications at Oracle. “Oracle continues to push the boundaries of IoT to help our customers significantly simplify their IoT deployments. By receiving real-time data streams enhanced with predictive insights, they can reach new levels of intelligence and a much quicker realization of ROI.”

Here, learn more about this announcement, plus find out about IoT-related sessions at Oracle OpenWorld to get expert advice about using this emerging technology to drive your business forward.

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