Five Ideas: Internet of Things

May 2017

In February, Oracle announced that it is expanding its Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio with four new cloud solutions to help businesses maximize the benefits of digital supply chains. These solutions enable businesses to detect, analyze, and respond to IoT signals and incorporate these insights into existing and rapidly evolving market capabilities.


Here, learn from experts, including Oracle thought leaders and customers, about how to stop thinking about sensors—and start thinking about how to use data in real time to speed supply chains and offer better customer service.

“Terms like IoT are absurdly confusing—OK, connect the machine and get data off it. Everybody can do that. Well, no—that’s a simplistic, cartoonish version of the IoT world.” —Bill Ruh, GE’s chief digital officer and CEO of its 17-month-old GE Digital unit

“Companies tend to think about the devices. But what starts as a device play soon becomes a data play.” —Romil Bahl, CEO at consulting and services provider Lochbridge

“The first level of analysis is what’s happening right now. And the challenge becomes: Can I process this data in real time and take action?” —Harish Gaur, Oracle senior director of product management, Internet of Things

“We needed to monitor the scooters from a remote location, and integrate the monitoring system with our electric-charging system. We also wanted to gather data about the sharing service so that we can expand it to other places.” —Norio Yamaguchi, director of the Cyber Physical System Business Promotion Office at PS Solutions

“We see tremendous potential in IoT to drive predictive maintenance of industrial robots. This will enhance product quality, production efficiency, and throughput while controlling costs.” —Scott Rogers, technical director of Noble Plastics

Photography by Shutterstock