Five Ideas

Five Ideas: Infrastructure as a Service

October 2016

Larry Ellison, Oracle executive chairman and chief technology officer, has outlined the major technology advances that will let Oracle compete much more aggressively in infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and even leapfrog Amazon in cost, performance, and other ways.


In doing so, Ellison may have inadvertently proved the completeness of Oracle’s cloud vision and strategy and its ability to offer customers a unique, secure, and highly functioning cloud environment that delivers on the promise of agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness for companies of every size and in every market.

Here, learn more about what Ellison said at Oracle OpenWorld. Plus, get more expert advice about how to choose an IaaS provider that’s best for your business.

“Faults are isolated, therefore faults are tolerated. If we lose a data center, you won’t even notice.” —Larry Ellison, Oracle Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer

“Moving your businesses’ entire application portfolio wholesale to a multitenant, virtualized world is a massive leap in terms of both mapping application requirements to the underlying environment, and considering how you’ll manage operations within that environment.” —Tom Bressie, Oracle Cloud Vice President

“Our approach has been to step back and consider, with a fresh view, the fundamental things we can do that are new, different, and better than what is out there [and] what’s been done before.” —Don Johnson, Oracle Vice President of Engineering

“Not all public cloud infrastructure providers are created equal. My best advice? Find one that wants to work the way you do, and not the other way around.” —Chuck Hollis, Oracle Senior Vice President of Cloud Infrastructure

“At the end of the day, you’re looking for who can deliver IaaS in the most efficient way and have innovation in PaaS. Because if you don’t have both, you’re in trouble.” —Ray Wang, Constellation Research Founder and Principal

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