Infrastructure as a Service

Special Report: Infrastructure as a Service

May 2017

Continuing its Oracle Cloud Platform innovation, in May Oracle announced major enhancements that make it easier for organizations to move enterprise database applications to the cloud. Oracle now offers Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Oracle FastConnect private networking capabilities, and Microsoft Windows Server support for Oracle’s high-performance, next-generation IaaS.


“Enterprise customers and independent service vendors have high expectations for performance and availability for their database applications. At the same time, they want to preserve hard-won experience and best practices, particularly from on-premises deployments,” said Kash Iftikhar, vice president of product management, Oracle. “We introduced our next-generation IaaS to address all of these requirements. With these database, compute, and networking enhancements, Oracle Cloud Platform offers a complete, high-performance solution for business-critical database applications in the cloud.”

Here, learn more about this announcement, plus find out how much you could save by moving your infrastructure to the cloud with Oracle’s new calculator.

Oracle Cloud Platform Adds New Levels of Performance, Availability, and Access for Oracle Database Applications
Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle FastConnect, and Microsoft Windows Server available on Oracle’s next gen IaaS, providing customers an expanded range of infrastructure capabilities.

Infrastructure: Divide and Conquer Your IT
“If your organization seems paralyzed and unable to implement new systems or changes to existing ones in a reasonable time, you are close to the complexity wall,” says Oracle ACE Director Sten Vesterli.

IaaS Total Cost of Ownership Calculator
How much could you save by moving your infrastructure to the cloud? Find out.

Two Technical Choices By Oracle That Reveal Its Cloud Infrastructure Strategy
Oracle’s investments in its infrastructure-as-a-service architecture, especially as they apply to helping companies move existing data center workloads into the cloud, reveal where Oracle expects to differentiate its IaaS offerings from those of Amazon Web Services.

Oracle Plans Cloud Data Centers in Germany, India
“We have two very profitable businesses in SaaS and PaaS, and we’re growing in IaaS,” said Thomas Kurian, Oracle president of development, in describing Oracle’s data center strategy at a recent media briefing. “The infrastructure supports all three, so we tend to put in a certain footprint—a modular network, modular compute and storage—and as demand comes, we scale it out.”

Oracle Cloud Platform Expands to Help More Organizations Build and Deploy High-Performance Applications
Organizations can now run enterprise-class Oracle Database workloads on an even broader array of IaaS options for outstanding performance and unparalleled flexibility.

Oracle's New Cloud Infrastructure Sweeps 'All Assumptions off Table'
For Oracle to be the cloud platform provider for those customers, “we need to build infrastructure. This is core to our business and strategy,” said Don Johnson, Oracle vice president of engineering.

Why Oracle Cloud Is a Better Choice Than AWS or Azure
“People want to be able to work in a hybrid environment and move at their own pace,” said Oracle Vice President of Cloud Platform Ashish Mohindroo. “You need a cloud platform so you can create your own journey. And you need a path. Every customer follows their own personalized path to the cloud.”

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