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HCM Partner Q&A

Sponsored Content, January 2014

Accenture Human Capital Management Solutions for Oracle help organizations gain productivity, accelerate business performance, and achieve lower total cost of ownership.

Accenture helps organizations achieve high performance with Accenture Human Capital Management Solutions for Oracle by providing a combination of industry and functional capabilities; a longstanding Oracle alliance; and skilled consultants who deliver strategy, implementation, upgrade, and application outsourcing solutions across the Oracle Human Capital Management (Oracle HCM) portfolio. Tony Diaz, managing director for Accenture’s Oracle Human Capital Management practice in North America, and Brandon Johnson, managing director for Accenture’s Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud Solutions practice in North America, discuss how Accenture helps clients migrate to Oracle HCM Cloud to help ensure accelerated and predictable project outcomes.

Q: What trends are you seeing in the area of human resources (HR) technology?

TD: One of the biggest trends we’re seeing in HR technology, from midmarket companies to large enterprises, is the emergence of cloud technology and our clients’ plans to migrate to a cloud solution. Our clients are assessing their current platforms and looking for the benefits of a cloud solution that allows for cost transparency, improved employee experience with enhanced user interfaces, and scalability.


Tony Diaz, Managing Director, Oracle HCM Practice, Accenture



Brandon Johnson, Managing Director, Oracle HCM Cloud Solutions Practice, Accenture


Q: Is technology changing HR as we know it?

BJ: Technology’s dramatic advances are challenging how HR leaders operate. Cloud applications such as Oracle HCM Cloud can give their business greater flexibility—streamlining their policies, procedures, and processes to achieve more efficient business models. Oracle HCM Cloud also positions them to adopt digital HR tools and processes they didn’t have before, such as social collaboration and predictive analytics. We’ve seen that changes in HCM technology are challenging the business to think creatively across industries and HR functions, particularly in the area of manager and employee experience. Both want a “consumer experience,” whether it’s capturing a performance review, processing a transfer, or looking up a paycheck. Companies are viewing their employees as customers, and they want to make sure the customer experience is as integrated, seamless, and user-friendly as possible. That’s where cloud solutions can come into play.

Q: What are the main benefits of an HCM cloud solution?

TD: HCM cloud solutions can allow companies to continually upgrade their software so they are able to take advantage of the latest HR capabilities. With the embedded analytics in Oracle HCM Cloud, HR managers can access and analyze their data more easily so they can make better HR decisions faster. Legacy systems can have dated user interfaces, whereas cloud solutions will have modern, easy-to-use interfaces that the cloud provider will continue to update. Finally, cloud solutions can be integrated with other systems in the enterprise, helping information to flow cohesively and enabling organizations to do more with their data.

Q: Why has Accenture chosen Oracle as a provider in the HCM space?

BJ: Oracle provides a leading HCM cloud solution. Organizations ready to implement the entire portfolio can reap the benefits of an integrated solution and consistent user interface across core HR, benefits, payroll, and talent management. In addition, Oracle HCM Cloud gives customers the option to move to the cloud at their own pace; customers can move to the cloud gradually by implementing strategic modules or they can migrate their entire platform to Oracle HCM Cloud.


Tony Diaz, Managing Director, Oracle HCM Practice, Accenture



Brandon Johnson, Managing Director, Oracle HCM Cloud Solutions Practice, Accenture


Q: What Oracle HCM Cloud solutions does Accenture provide?

BJ: Accenture can offer true end-to-end services—from system implementation to many other critical services, such as methodology-driven project management, change management, training, and knowledge sharing. Accenture Talent & HR Services is skilled in HR transformation and helps global companies think globally versus locally. Our implementation services combine our deep understanding of cloud technology with our industry-leading HCM methodology—backed by our global Accenture Solution Factories for Oracle HCM. Our application outsourcing services help clients manage their cloud solutions using a service delivery framework.

Q: What value does Accenture bring to Oracle HCM customers?

TD: Accenture is an experienced systems integrator for Oracle and has completed more than 2,500 human resources information technology projects for more than 100 clients around the world. With our deep knowledge of Oracle solutions, we help our clients make strategic decisions about implementing Oracle HCM. What does the next release mean for your organization? What capabilities do you want to take advantage of, and how? What kind of change management plan should support this transformation? With more than 10,000 experienced human capital management practitioners and 20 years of experience, we have a track record of helping worldwide enterprises develop strategies, design and build solutions, and run operations. Using more than 50 industrialized global delivery centers and our extensive solutions, we can help reduce HR operating expenses.

Accenture Delivery Tools and Methods for Oracle HCM Cloud

Focusing on your most pressing priorities, Accenture helps you take HR out of the back office to help empower your HR leaders to make strategic decisions and play a vital role in your business. Here are some ways we help organizations:

HR Assessment—Let our experienced team help you evaluate your landscape and determine a specific direction for your Oracle HCM Cloud solution. Leverage our Saas Decision Tree for Oracle HCM to determine if an upgrade, SaaS implementation, or a hybrid of on-premises and cloud offerings is the right next step for your organization.

HR Application Implementation—Help increase productivity, accelerate business performance, and lower your cost of ownership by turning a maze of systems into a well-integrated HR platform when you move your HR systems to Oracle HCM Cloud.

Talent Management Implementation—Implement Oracle Talent Management Cloud to help source, recruit, develop, and retain talented employees. Oracle Talent Management Cloud may be implemented as a stand-alone solution by opting to keep your existing HCM platform and integrate it with Oracle Talent Management Cloud applications such as Oracle Fusion Applications Cloud Service or Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service products. Or you can implement the integrated Oracle HCM Cloud solution, which is one of the most comprehensive, industry-leading cloud solutions available.

Computing Accelerator for Oracle HCM Cloud—Explore which business applications are a fit for possible migration to the cloud and which migrations would benefit your enterprise, and identify the accompanying risks and opportunities.

Solution Factory for Oracle HCM Cloud—Our solution factory leverages the Accenture Global Delivery Network to help you deliver Oracle HCM Cloud solutions consistently and reliably.

Jumpstart Toolkit for Oracle HCM Cloud—Use our toolkit to help accelerate project phases including conversion and integration activities while leveraging Oracle HCM Cloud tools and templates.

Global Deployment Accelerator for Oracle HCM Cloud—The accelerator helps to support your global or enterprise Oracle HCM Cloud deployment, while accounting for regional variances such as cultural approaches, regulatory issues, and go-to-market channels.

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