Artificial Intelligence

How to Prepare for the Autonomous Future

Five guidelines to keep your enterprise on the right road

By David Baum

Fall 2019

Autonomous technology is worthless if it doesn’t yield more-productive ways to develop business applications; gain predictive insights; or run smarter, more efficient, and more secure operations. Here are five guidelines to keep your enterprise on the right road.

Learn to use all your data. The better you are at integrating vast amounts of data, the better your autonomous systems will be at delivering smart, timely outcomes.

Make recommendations easy to consume. To speed adoption, recommendations must be delivered at the point of decision—ideally in the context of everyday business processes.

Emphasize transparency and control. To reassure workers and minimize risk, AI systems must be transparent and accountable. As with people, trust has to be earned.

Connect rather than isolate. Enterprise decision-making often crosses boundaries by connecting insights from multiple functions. This is the road from narrow AI to “big picture” use cases.

Leverage existing systems. Few companies have the luxury of starting these endeavors from scratch, which means that you need flexible and extensible AI technology that can work with what you already have.

Action Items

What is an autonomous database?

The Future is Autonomous.

Illustration by Wes Rowell